what makes indian classical music unique?

elements of music, characteristics

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    Indian classical music is a very old and traditional system of music. It is highly evolved and follows a strict grammer.

    The term "Indian Classical Music" refers to two related, but distinct, traditions rooted in antiquity. Both are very much alive in India today. The North Indian style is known as "Hindustani", while the South Indian tradition is referred to as "Carnatic". This page deals mainly with Hindustani Classical Music, about which I know a little bit. While I also appreciate Carnatic music, I do so as an outsider.

    What is Hindustani Classical Music? Like any kind of music, it is hard to say in a few words. But let me try, in case the reader is totally unfamiliar with this music.

    The basic scale of Hindustani music is similar to the western 12-note scale. The main difference is that the Hindustani scale is not tempered. Thus, the intervals between consecutive notes are not equal. Indeed, they can be varied slightly to suit the particular raga that is being performed. The same note, in different ragas, may have slightly differing positions.

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    I beg your pardon. It is not a question of respect. Probably only one of simply a lack of familiarity with your culture. The same would be the case, if a westerner went to India and asked the same question of its population, that you are asking of us. I for one, have the utmost respect for Sanskrit: I studied it for two years from a compatriot of yours. A most wonderful, extremely well-educated human being, by the name of Dr. Rammuti S. Mishra, M.D. He was my Guru for a while, and I came to respect and admire him immensely. You may check him out on the Internet if you like. Best regards, Alberich

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    Unity in Diversity

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    Cos they dance round about trees and suddenly out of no where people just pop out to dance with the main characters.

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    Because it is a combination of different styles of music.

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    Simply because it is a mixture of different styles of audio.

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