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Mexican Cession?

1. How and when did it become part of the Union? What were the circumstances?

2. What did the nation's leaders hope to gain by acquiring this land?

3. By what name was this acquisition known? By what nickname was it known?

4. How did the American public react to this acquisition. Why did they react as they did?


I am talking about California

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    You're talking about California, but that was only part of the Mexican Cession. These four questions look like they're written at the end of tonight's homework assignment -- the section on the Mexican War in your history book. My guess is that if you read your assignment, you'll find all four answers.

    Anyway, here's what I can tell you about it. Mexico gained independence from Spain in 1821, and at that time, California (known as Alta California), Texas, and what is now the American Southwest all belonged to Mexico. The United States extended as far as the Rockies (the Missouri River Basin) as a result of the 1803 Louisiana Purchase.

    Texas rebelled against Mexico in 1836 and gained its independence (the Lone Star Republic).

    James Polk, an expansionist, was elected president in 1844 using the slogan "Fifty-Four, Forty or Fight!" -- a reference to what is now the Canada-Alaska boundary. He was the "Manifest Destiny" president who believed the United States had a "divine right" to expand to the Pacific.

    Early in his presidency, he annexed Texas, then took aim at California. There was a disputed boundary between Texas and Mexico, and Polk stationed troops inside the disputed area. When a U.S. soldier was killed there, Polk used that as an excuse to declare war against Mexico.

    Meanwhile in California, American settlers were streaming into the San Francisco Bay area, still under Mexican jurisdiction. Some Americans seized the town of Sonoma and declared an independent "Bear Flag Republic."

    In the Mexican War, Gen. Winfield Scott invaded Vera Cruz, Mexico, and captured Mexico City. Phil Kearny crossed the Sonoran Desert to reach San Diego. And Commodore Stockton took the Mexican seat of government at Monterey, California, by sea.

    The Mexican War was over by 1848. Under the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, the U.S. acquired Arizona, New Mexico, California, the disputed part of Texas. parts of Utah, Colorado, and Nevada, in return for $15 million paid to Mexico.

    A few years later, prodded by railroad interests, the U.S. added the "Gadsden Purchase" in southern Arizona and New Mexico. More money was paid for that, because many felt Mexico had been cheated in the Mexican Cession.

    Western and Southern interests generally supported the Mexican War because of the Manifest Destiny idea, and also because much of the new (southern) region may be opened to slavery. Many northerners opposed the war as a blatant land grab. Abraham Lincoln, then a young congressman, opposed the war, as did statesman John Quincy Adams.

    Shortly after the Mexican Cession, John Marshall discovered gold in the South Fork of the American River north of Sacramento, thus triggering the California Gold Rush.

    That answers most of your questions.

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    It was the result of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo in 1848 negotiated by Nicholos Trist that concluded the Mexican War. It increased the size of the USA by 1/3 and completed America' s "Manifest Destiny."

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    The country of Mexico gained it's independence in 1821 from Spain. New Mexico became a US state in 1912. The two entities are entirely different.

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    I did not know Mexico was part of the Union. Wow. I learn something new every day.

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