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How do you cure an insect bite?

I was at the beach yesterday and it seems that there were so many biting gnats in our area. I got bitten about 10 times around my arms. These bites are more lingering than mosquito bites, where they seem to go away after one day... Can you help me?

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    Insect bites are very manageable and can be treated very easily as well. Do not scratch them, and make sure to wash them. There are also various amounts of anti-itch creams on the market in which you can buy for the itching. Drink lots of water for hydration and keep your skin moist. Bites tend to itch more on dry skin. Plus they'll heal faster. If the bites burn, burst open, or if they progress and become worse, or if you experience any nausea, vomiting, changes in the color of your skin or muscle weakness, you need to se your doctor as soon as you can, these are signs of a parasitic disease. Other than that due as i said at the top and monitor the bites for a few days.

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    There are various anti itch creams out there. First and foremost, don't scratch it. Breaking the skin will make the irritation worse, even tho it feels better. Make sure you keep the area clean (antibacterial soap), then apply the cream. Follow the directions on the container. If it gets worse, rinse the cream off and call your MD. If it's still a bother in 24 hours, I would call your MD.

    Hope you feel better soon.

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    Get some Q-tips and alcohol and rub them on you mosquito

    bites. It should dries them up, it might sting a little if bites are opened. But it'll work and kill the germs at the same time.

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    try using hydrocortisone or benadryl cream directly to the bites to stop the itch.

    when showering, use mild soap (dove or ivory). using soaps with perfumes or dyes in them can irritate the bites more.

    try your best not to scratch-bacteria and germs underneath your nails could infect the bites.

    seek medical attention asap if:

    -the bites become increasingly red or swollen

    -the bites split open and begin to drain (especially if drainage is yellowish-brown or green in color)

    -there are red lines extending from your arms to the rest of your body (indicated infection in the bloodstream)

    -you begin to run a fever of 101.0 or higher

    all of these indicate infection and you will need oral antibiotics to treat it.

    Source(s): i work in trauma icu
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    ancient tradition take ur finger nail and make an X on top of the bug bite.

    (it's supposed to stop the itching)

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    ask jeeve or the doctor

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