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A plane has to fly north but a wind is blowing from south-west? what direction should it point to reach its?

destination? (is it north west)

Another question,

if a plane wants to fly south-west and a wind makes it go west, is the wind coming from the north-west?

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    The correct answer to the first question is something West of North. To know the exact direction, you need the wind-speed relative to the planes airspeed. Northwest is the best answer given the information provided.

    The second answer is more difficult. The wind is altering the planes course to the North. Therefore it must be coming from the South. Any East/West component is harder to determine from the information given.

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    No If a plane need to go north but the wind blowing from south-west that means it will goes to north east so it will make the plane goes to north-east but much north~

  • David
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    north east.. but i might be wrong.. im guessing

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    NW is correct.

    Second one would be SE.

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