do ethicists read the mental health columns...?

...are police stalking little children...?...*yes*

...are children and their families in danger ...? ... *yes*

...who is safe ...? ... only they whom commit their choice making and sensibilities to expediting the orders and offices of they whom over-rule them.....maybe.

...which is why child abusers are selected to expedite orders of office......because....if they do not expedite the orders.....they don't get to kiss the *** of fascism....disguised democracy.



but there is a way...and i know the way.

Update 2:


folx.......there are at least 2 nations i can think of which have perpetrated very serious crimes against its' own citizen children using medias/policing/medical authorities/militaries/religion and Politics/social issues such as womens rights.

persons unwise to what is a Charter or Constitution ... and beside all of that...have gotten away with it. .. why..?...because the citizens/parents of canadian and u.s. soil are also not well educated enough to assure its' own children are safe within corrupt economic political environments...not well educated enough and quite busy or indifferent....but when someone such as i makes efforts to raise awareness of what is possible within a blind society ... i am denied all rights and all passages to make known my own trouble and dilemma.

except for freedom of expression which i defend and support whole-heartedly the bulk of the kiss-*** class which were primarily selected out of classrooms of children to over-throw freedoms and rights..

Update 3:

..continue to put up blinders to social realities of their own creation.

i want them out of office or educated and i want them known as dangers to children in society. and i will have my way and i may die trying....but that is ok because i accept the prospect of my demise. which is inevitable since i am already quite entrenched with-in scandal creations of others which seek to distract the normally envisioned so that they may continue to be perceived as normal and up-standing.

folx...i am humanitarian...and there are very few officials or or public offices which are able or willing to consult on these matters publicly with me.....why..?...because they fear they will look inept....which they know is the case ... else....they would not be hid.

Update 4:


more truth.

the persons which represent the greatest danger are they whom expedite paper orders from superiors they must act on or risk having their own families victimized.

certaily you must have heard on the t.v. and film..."we have our ways" "ensure our success"....i bet few of you knew their ''ways'' involved getting a subordinate to perp. a crime against the target of their objectives. but in real life......within social conditions which rely on secrecy (occultism) and deception (many many manners of deception) to have these "ways" be effective. yet.....the police are silent .......shhhhh......don't tell everybody the police are there to secure the rights of child care inept and power/wealth seeking...shhhhhhh

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    problem is knowing who is what...many public resources have these predators in place, and don't even know til somebody gets caught in it, or victim comes forward right away--no real method to screen out the lowlifes...

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