Great Britain History Quiz help?

Hi guys! I really need your help. These are questions from the quiz devoted to English history. If you know answer to any question from these please post it here. Believe me, it's very important. Thanks!

1) He was a weak king, who fought with the Danes and had to flee to Normandy saving his life. He got the nickname that spoke about his disability to rule the country. He is ___

2) He was the first king of a new dynasty whose mother brought him to the throne. He had a friend-clergyman, who later became his enemy and was killed by his order. When he was an old man, his sons betrayed him. He is ___

3) He was one of the most courageous kings of England. He spent his life trying to conquer Scotland and Wales and got several nicknames in this connection. There is a beautiful legend, which tells us how he made his son the Prince of Wales. He is ___

4) He was only 15 when he won the great victory of Cressy. He was the king's son and his armour was always black. He is ___

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