navratans companies in india?

i need to know the name of PSU listed as Navratans by Govt of India. Can anyone help ?


there r total nine PSU which have been designated as NAvratans by Govt Of India. These include NTPC, ONGC, BHEL,Steel Authority of India, Hindustan Oil Corporation ,State Bank Of India Group and 3 more PSU . i am not getting the name of other 3 PSU which enjoys special status of Navratanas

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    Taken fron The Indian Express :-

    The UPA government’s decision to sell small stakes in some profit making public sector units is welcome. The government’s disinvestment programme has been in a limbo thanks to the Left’s insistence, in the case of BHEL, that a small equity dilution equals privatisation. Bruised by a battle where logic had no place, the Cabinet also put off sale of 14 PSUs, putting a question mark on the UPA’s commitment to disinvestment.

    Out of more than 239 Central government PSUs, there are around 140 profit making units that are not navratans. Their sale does not violate the UPA government’s Common Minimum Programme. Not all of them are even listed at stock exchanges. The first set of possible candidates for selling small stakes are these unlisted PSUs. The list include companies such as Power Finance Corporation, Rashtriya Ispat, NABARD, Power Grid Corporation, National Hydel Power Corporation and LIC, among others.

    Evidence suggests that even when management remains in the hands of the government, the role played by the share price in reflecting the performance of the PSU is important. Normally, PSU performance is non-transparent and constrained by conflicting objectives. Even if the government sells off 5 per cent of its share in a company by doing an IPO, the company benefits from this publicly available indicator of its expected performance that is watched every day on computer terminals across the country. There is pressure on the management by share holders to perform better. Often some shares are sold to workers who then have better incentives to work. Hence there is merit in listing unlisted PSUs and selling even small stakes. There are over a hundred such companies and the government would do well to make concrete plans to push this policy through, sooner rather than later.

    Is this of any help ?

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    The big cap companies like ONGC are known as navratan companies.These are large state-run companies in india that have huge turnovers.

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