a sample autobiography?

I'm a senior high student in Taiwan, and last mouth our English teacher let us to write an autobiography. I had writen it but it is not good.

I tried to search some imformation, but I only found one in many hours. Could you help me to search some samples? Thank you.

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    An autobiography is simply a telling of your life thus far. Go check out the theatrical section of your library, many movie & theater stars have submitted autobiographies though admittedly many were written by ghost writers. Among the best are Hume Cronym's 'A Terrible Liar,' and Basil Rathbone's 'In and Out of Characters,' and Ray Milland's 'Wide Eyed In Babylon.'

    A simple formala: A) I was born in - - - and then enhance by giving details about both the community in which you were born and the hospital in which you were born. If you were birthed at home so much the better, one famous American politician speaks about his mother being laid out on the families two hundred year old oak dining table at the time of delivery.

    B) Then, first memories, you might have to embellish a bit, but always good for one's bio.....

    C) Then feel free to examine school memories; your first school, write sympathetic portraits of your past teachers that will thrill your current teacher, mix in anedotes about friends.

    D) You are young so best to adopt an optimistic tone; these are your first steps on the great journey.


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    Browse through the Notable Autobiographies.


    Mahatma Gandhi's My Experiments With Truth is a well-known autobiography.

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    a great example is the diary of anne frank.

    recently i just finished soul surfer which is a really good book (for you it would be an easy read but would give you formatting ideas)

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