WHAT'S double spacing and single spacing???

from instructions...the main text, preface, contents page and appendices should be typed in DOUBLE SPACING. The bibliography should have DOUBLE SPACING between items and SINGLE SPACING within items. Would examples be possible...please!!!

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    spacing in this context refers to the spacing between lines. Single spacing is the norm, double spacing just means there is an extra blank line between the line of text above, and the next line of text below.

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    Most stuff is shown in single spacing, such as your question. There is no gap between the lines.

    Double spacing gives space for an extra line between the text. If you have things set up on the word processing package, it will do this for you.

    The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog This is typed in single spacing. It is how work normally turns out when you type stuff. You do not have to do anything to make stuff come out like this.


    The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. The quick brown

    fox jumps over the lazy dog. This is typed in double spacing. It

    is very hard to do when you have to do it manually, however! It

    is much easier telling the computer to do it for you!


    With the bibliography, it would read so:

    A.N. Author

    A book volume 1 published by Publisher, 1990

    A book volume 3 edition 5, published by Publisher, 2003

    A..N. Other

    His Book 1 published by Publisher, 2001

    His article, published in A Magazine, March 2005


    You can also get things like 1.5 spacing and so on. If you have 'word', go to Format, then paragraph. You will see a thing called 'line spacing'. That will put the right gap between the lines. Spacing (before this) is the space between paragraphs.

    Have a play!

    Oh, and if you do things like contents on word automatically, it does these spaces for you!

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    what they mean is the space between the lines in your paper. If you're using Word, go to Format, and click on Paragraph. You'll see where it says "Single space" or something. Click on that, and change it to Double space. There ya go ^_^ In your bibliography, basically, just like I said with the spacing, except you want it to be Single Spaced this time, and just put an extra enter between entries. as in:

    "Info 1"

    "info 2" and so on. good luck

    Source(s): been writing these papers for at least 5+ years, I'm a freshman in college
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    Ok you need to click on Format at the top of your page in microsoft word then click on paragraph a table will open which there is a box in for single line spacing click it and scroll down to double spacing this will give a thicker blank line between your sentances meaning it is easier to read also dont have your font size less than 12 we have to do ours in 14. Hope this helps.

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    It comes from the old days of typewriters when you would hit carriage return in between lines of text. Double spacing you would hit it twice. This can make text easier for people to read if it's a large document or if they want to make comments in the margins.

    These days double and single spacing are achieved just by going into Word and formatting your paragraphs.

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    It simply makes thing easier read when you double

    space. This is double spaced.

    When it is single spaced it causes for eye strain for the person who marks the paper. This is single spaced and harder to read

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    double spacing means double the space between two lines...

    if you are using Microsoft Word, then select the text you want to double space and then just click "Ctrl and 2" and it is done ...

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    i think it means the space between each line.

    so this would be double spacing

    and this is single spacing.

    but i may be wrong. i am just guessing

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    basically single spacing, press enter once at the end of sentence.

    double spacing, press twice.(this is written in single space)

    (this is double space)hope that helps

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    single spacing

    single spacing

    single spacing


    double spacing

    double spacing

    double spacing

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