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森美profile 要英文

森美profile 要英文!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Sammy Leung Tsz Kin (Chinese : 森美/梁志健) (born December 3, 1973) is a popular DJ/MC/pop singer/actor in Hong Kong's Commercial Radio.

    Sammy Leung tried out for being a DJ in Commercial Radio when he was in college. At that time, he was working part-time. However Sammy became a DJ and took the name Kelvin at first. Then he used his own English name into Chinese translation as his DJ name. From that day, he was called Sammy.

    A few years later in his DJ career, he was paired with Kitty Yuen Siu Yi and continue their partnership till today.

    One of Sammy's show that is without Siu Yi is Sammy Moving that includes the members Leo Chim, Ah So, Marco, and recently joined Seven Chan.

    Sammy was reprimanded recently, because his radio show organized an online poll on "The female artist whom you most want to harrass". Although the majority of Hong Kong did not agree with the punlishment he has gotten, he was still "frozen" for 2 months, during which he could not take up any paid jobs but instead had to attend to classes on media ethics.

    But after the two months, he and Kitty were even more popular than before because their fans, who apprieciated what they had done to face the obstacles, were getting more and more. They also played a stage show called Big Nose. They claimed that they learned many stuff from the "mistake" they had maken, and they also gained many friendship and happiness from their true friends and family.


    森美於葵涌葵盛邨長大,就讀過聖士提反書院[1]和喇沙書院,1996年畢業於香港中文大學新聞與傳播學院;畢業前的1994年參加商業電台「叱吒殺6新大陸」(DJ選舉比賽) 入行,第一個節目為《青蘋果與紅提子》,之後主持週日節目《恐怖份子》,若干年後與阮小儀主持另一個節目《森美變態樂園》,之後二人一直都合作主持節目,如《森美小儀 dot dot dot》、《森美小儀山寨王》、《架勢堂》等。2001年開始與Leo(詹志民)、細so、Marco主持《森美移動》。他是2001年商業電台「16-25歲最受歡迎DJ」。現時主持的節目有《架勢堂》(與阮小儀共同主持)及《森美移動》(與詹志民及陳強共同主持)。


    森美同時亦為金牌娛樂旗下藝員,主演電影包括《甜絲絲》、《我要做Model》和《雀聖2—自摸天后》, 早年更擔當《4x100 水著份子》男主角。





    1 現主持節目

    1.1 電台節目

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    3.1 電台節目

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    4 曾參與廣播劇

    5 曾參與電視劇

    6 曾參與電影

    7 電視電影配音

    8 森美小儀歌劇團

    9 備註

    9.1 外部連結

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    森美/梁志健ge英文名係Sammy Leung Chi Kin

    唔係Sammy Leung Tsz Kin

    佢係CK Leung,,

    唔係TK Leung

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