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Hallo everybody ! I am XXX. My English name is Joyce . You may call me XX! Why do I call XX ? Because flies this word to let me like very much . Moreover I hoped can like the bird to be free flies in the sky . And can fly to world each place travels . I before goes study in the XX junior high school . My blood group is O . My birthday is on October 29 . Therefore constellation is Scorpius . I usually like watching TV ,listens to the music,reading,and shopping . I like the chocolate very much. Almost all chocolate I all love . Also likes eating the snack, the candy . I like eating very much . I do not like the caterpillar, the spider, the reptile . Thought they are very disgusting . Therefore does not like very much . My family member has five people . Daddy, mother, two younger sisters as well as I . My daddy is cement skilled worker . My mother is a kitchen mother in XX junior high school . Two younger sisters are also study in XX junior high school . Our family member sentiment is very good . Every day crosses is very happy . Future I hoped can be admitted to a school with accountant the related license . But comparatively hoped the future could be engaged in the cosmetology related work .









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    Hello everybody! I am XXX and my English name is Joyce. You may also call me XX! Why I called XX? Because of fly is the word that I like most. Besides I wish I can fly like the bird to be free flying in the sky, and may travel all over the world wherever I want to go. I attended the XX junior high school in 19xx. My blood type is O. My birthday is on 29th October 19xx. Therefore my constellation is Scorpion. My hobbies are watching TV, listening to the music, reading and shopping. My favorite snake are chocolate and candy; you never know how much I like. I almost eat all kinds of them which I get. I hate caterpillar, spider and other reptiles. Because they make me sick not only they are ugly but also disgusting. There are five persons in my family. My daddy is a skilled cement worker. My mother works for XX junior high school as a cook. Both of my younger sisters study in XX junior high school too. All the members of my family are very good in sentiment. We are very happy when we get together. I hope I could attend in a vocational high school which offers something useful about commercial or cosmetology that I could be an accountant or the cosmetologist in the near future and it would be very glad if I could get the related.

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  • 不是問題很多喔!是超級多!除了前5句以外,第6句Because開始每一句都是問題。

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    1. Therefore I often spend money on eating.

    2. Because I like to see, after every girl becomes more beautiful, her radiating confidence and her smiles.

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    (1)那堆英文我大致看過ㄌ 沒有什ㄇ問題



    So often is in the aspects of eating of money flower


    Because I like to see each girl to become to be beautiful behind the self-confidence and the smiling face sent forth

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