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    我想是沒有提供碩士課程的,就像一般美國所謂college跟university的差別就是在於college少有提供master degree

    而parsons paris只提供4年制的BFA 或 1到2年制的AAS所以沒有室內設計的碩士課程

    以下是我摘自parsons paris的網站內容供你參考

    Parsons Paris offers degree programs that are based on the American system of education. In the USA, students who enter college or university and study for four years receive a Bachelor s Degree. In the field of art and design, students receive a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) Degree which prepares them for entry into the professional fields of design and art. At Parsons Paris, students can choose Communication Design, Illustration, Fashion Design, or Fine Arts, Students interested in Architectural Design, Interior Design or Product Design may complete their first (foundation) year in Paris and then apply for transfer to Parsons in New York.

    Please note that Continuing Education courses at Parsons Paris are offered on a strictly non-credit basis. Great emphasis is placed however, on maintaining a high level of instruction; the majority of the courses are staffed with instructors from the BFA program, to ensure the same teaching standards. With maximum class size varying from 10 to 14, instructors are able to give students individual attention.

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