What are some recomendations for things in Indianapolis, IN?

I am going to be spending a week there soon, and I was wanting to know if anyone had suggestions on things to see or do while there. Any restaurant recommendations would be nice too. I already know about the racing, so please post other things.

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    OK -- my folks lived in Indianapolis before they passed away. I am very familiar with the city.

    My wife and I still travel there often for get-aways (we are going next weekend) for Indiana University's Homecoming game in Bloomington.

    Here is what I would do on an "ideal" trip to Indy.

    Firt of all, I tune the radio to Q-95 -- so I can listen to the best rock station in all of Indiana. Q-95 started the Bob and Tom Show which is now syndicated throughout the midwest.

    Shopping -- at the Circle Centre Mall downtown and/or at Keystone at the Crossing on the North side of the city. Take I-65 south towards Louisville and in 25 minutes you can shop till you drop at the Edinburgh Outlet Mall -- which is huge (another one is a few more miles in Seymour).

    Clubbing -- I would stroll Broad Ripple and hang out in restaurants and clubs (like the Vogue Theater). Downtown I would catch live blues at The Slippery Noodle.

    Lunch -- for me the ideal lunch is to take in the one-of-a-kind atmosphere at Shapiro's Deli (two locations in Indy).

    Dinner -- My first choice is the world famous St Elmo's Steakhouse (get the shrimp cocktail and hold on for dear life). I also like Schula's in the Westin Hotel. For something different there is Buca DeBepo's for Italian.

    Sports -- you have any number of amatuer events going on in Indy almost all the time. The Colts are very big right now. You have the Pacers and the Colts -- Indy has really become a football town and the Colts are their favorite team for sure.

    There is the minor league Indianapolis Indians who have one of the best minor league parks in all of baseball. This is a fun, cheap evening with beautiful views of the downtwon area.

    There is the zoo, the Children's Museum, beautful parks for strolling or hiking. Take in a movie in a unique environment at the Hollywood Bar and Filmworks.

    You said you were familiar witht the racing aspect so I'll be brief on that. The 500 track on 16th street is cool if you like racing. The greatest spectacle in racing -- The Indianapolis 500 -- is not to be missed during the entire month of May. There are other big races -- like the Brickyard 400.

    Go south of Indy and you can easily explore Bloomngton or Nashville Indiana with a day trip. The whole Brown County area is about an hour away and is absolutely beautiful right now.

    Zionsville is also a cool little community north of Indy to explore.

    The Verizon Center has concerts -- NW near Fishers.

    The downtown area has several interesting things to explore -- from monument circle itself, to the Indiana State Museum on Meridian Street.

    At Christmas time Indianapolis is so cool. The downtown is all lit up and very pretty.

    Good luck.

    Great question.

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  • 4 years ago

    Personally I don't want to change anything. A lot of people say make it more banked. I understand that it would be safer but it wouldn't be Indy. Indy is Indy. Nascar has only been racing there for a little over ten years, and you can't change Indy just to make the cup cars drive better there. It was meant for the open wheel cars in the first place. Besides, I like the track having little banking. I like watching different types of tracks, it wouldn't be fun if they made every track the same. I think they should have left the old Homestead alone myself.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I reccamend to go down town to Circle Center Mall because they have tons of shops down there. Also, being apart of a suburban city of Indy, I also reccamend to (if it's the right time of the year) take a strole around the cirle by Circle Center. Sometimes they have things going on like the Strawberry Festival. I'm not quite sure when the next time it's coming, but also during Christmas time, there's carriage rides and the huge Christmas tree is lit up at night. ^_^

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  • kate
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    1 decade ago

    go to broad ripple. it's a small incorporated town on the north side. it has a lot of vintage shops, restaurants, and bars. keystone at the crossing is a high-end fashion mall with a nice movie theater. buy a map. you could also go to the childrens museum or the art museum. maybe the canal and zoo, if the weather is nice.

    restaurants? my personal favorites are the jewish deli Shapiro's and some indian food restaurant in broad ripple. a lot of the restaurants are chains. there's a lot of authentic mexican food in little mexico on the southwest side.

    a week isn't that long in the most boring city on earth.

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    All of the other answers are great...if you want to travel a little bit out of Indy, go north to Fishers and visit the Conner Prairie Museum. It is a living museum that recreates different time periods in Indiana history.

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  • Tara
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    1 decade ago

    Indianapolis Zoo,or the Children Museum actually alot for adults there as well

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  • 1 decade ago

    Ahhh-- you want to be downtown--

    The theatre district on Massachussettes Avenue is great-- it has theatres, art galleries and great places to eat. There is also a great ghost tour there as well (www.unseenpress.com).

    It is downtown and close to the Circle Center Mall and all the attractions downtown.

    The best restarants are:

    St. Elmos $$$$ (American)

    Aesops Table $$ (Greek)

    Cafe Bosphous $$ (Turkish)

    Milano Inn/Iaria's $$ (Italian)

    Giorgio's Pizza (close to Monument Circle) $ (BEST pizza in Indy)

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  • Jessi
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    1 decade ago

    Instead of listing every location here in Indy...I thought I would let you pick what you wanted to do.


    visit www.indy.org

    and use the menu on the left for food/shopping/entertainment

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  • 1 decade ago

    There is a hot gay strip club calle dthe Unicorn. Women are welcomed there. They take everything off and you can fondle the hot corn-fed blonde boys for just a few dollars.

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  • Nora G
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    1 decade ago

    try indianapolis. indiana .com u'd b surprised what they can tell u.

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