Trouble accessing the internet from laptop.?

I have a Dell laptop. I can't access the internet from the from the guest account at all. I also have a problem accessing the internet from the primary account. I have to right click on the icon in the task bar and click on repair to access the internet half the time.

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    I've had the same problem, same computer(though it doesn't matter what kind it is). To be able to access the internet from your computer, you have to have a modem-either dial up or cable. Try a cable modem, they're faster. Before that you also have to have an internet provider; Earthlink, Netscape, NetZero, Road Runner, Vonage, etc.- you won't be able to go online period w/out one. If you have brighthouse, like me, if you call them they'll come and hook it up for you and give you a modem free(first time). Once you have the modem that you bought (unless going thru BH) than you have to call your internet provider and they have to get some info about your modem that you're using before you can go on. After all that it should work...Now if you want to go wireless, which I'm sure you do considering you have a laptop, you have to buy a wireless router. You can buy one at Best Buy or WalMart or something like that, make sure it says "wirless router": like Linksys, then follow the instructions for that. What you're probably doing now is using somebody elses wireless internet-your computer will try to connect to the closest internet source if it's on wireless access. When it does this, that means you won't have as good connection or none, b/c it's not hooked up to your computer. If it sounds complicated, you can always call up somebody you know who has a wireless internet for a laptop and I'm sure they can help you, but for now I did that, with help :-), and it hope I helped somewhat...Good Luck!

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