is the confederate flag bad?

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    1 decade ago
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    A flag is like a gun, its all in who is holding it that matters.

    Many people who fly the American Flag do really bad things, and hide behind the rights of the U.S. It doesn't make the banner bad, but the creed of that person needs to be the main focus.

    An object or a flag is not the influence but rather an easy shield for people who are ignorant. If you take it away you still have the same characteristics in that person or group and most likely they will just find another shield to hide behind.

    Its like blaming alcohol for various things, in the end we all have to chin up to the bar and admit we make our own decisions and that the final result is our own making.

    We each choose what things will drive us and what things are good and bad.

    P.S.-geek49203- "The Confederate Flag was used many many times during the civil war. The x with the stars was used on different regiment flags, and I believe the 2nd and 3rd national Confederate Flags.

    The Stars and Bars was replaced with various flags due to the resemblance of Old Glory. The Confederate Flag did represent the states. Its an hard arguement though over the true National flag but as for Alabama or any of the other states it is a reasonable choice for people to side with the popular flag..


    it would be more wieght in thier arguement for historical preservation if they would compromise.

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    The flag is just that - a flag. It is neither good nor bad. However, the confederate flag was the symbol of the South during the days when slavery was unfortunately legal. Many people thus assume that one who shows this flag is prejudiced, with resulting hostility. Bottom line, the flag itself is not bad as it no longer represents what it once did. However, if you use it, you may get trouble from some.

  • 4 years ago

    I don't think so, but what the heck, I'm a proud southern Red Neck,...and I doubt if you know what 'red neck' means! Many blacks carried the Confederate Flag in those days because the Confederate Flag didn't represent slavery, it meant fighting for our home! On the other hand the Nazi flag represented the holocaust that Hitler used to kill millions of the Jews. The term 'Red Neck' stemmed from the coal mine wars between Union and non-union coal workers of West Virginia Coal Fields ( did you ever hear of the Blair Mountain Massacre) and nothing at all to do with the southern US civil war effort.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    It is a crying shame people refuse to read history rather than listen to dum-dums. The South was not about slavery, people. Neither was the Civil War. Didn't even enter into the picture until Lincoln needed a cause to unite the North. The Civil War was about money, like most wars. Just in case you've all forgotten, George Washington and most of the founding fathers owned slaves. Such was the culture of the time. The people of the South were fighting against what they felt was economic tyranny, and the flag most people consider the Confederate Flag is actually a battle flag. Good grief!!!

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  • 1 decade ago

    It is Not bad nor offensive. Some have taken it upon themselves to make another meaning as to what it stands for & believe it. To me that is bad and I find that offensive as I come from the South, several generations and have relativites who fought & died in the Civil War.

    Alot of answers here are an an example that other meaning....

    The Confederate Flag Does Not Represent Slavery.

    Get your facts strait:

    In official use for over two years, the Stars and Bars was never established as the Confederate Flag by the laws of the land. The Stars and Bars flag was replaced in 1863 by the "Stainless Banner" Flags that are used by troops in the field are known as "Battle Flags". The use of distinctive battle flags by combat units can be traced back to the middle ages in Europe and even to Roman legions. Flags that are used in battle are important because they let the battlefield commanders know what troops are where.

    It was a Battle Flag used on land by Confederate troops.

    Source(s): Confederate Flag History
  • Jay
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    1 decade ago

    The confederate flag, can be thought of as two things. Southern heritage, and a symbol for slavery. The only reason that one might think of it has racist, is its use in Klan rallies. Although this flag is not the official flag of the Confederate it has been used as a rally cry for racism.

    This flag is also seen as heritage for the South. Most people want to believe that the Civil War was over slavery. They also would like to tell you that Lincoln freed the slaves, and the South is bad for having them. For those liberals out there, and those who cant comprehend things please do some research before you answer. Please read Lincoln's inaugural address when he was sworn into the presidency. Also read the Emancipation Proc., because it freed ONLY the slaves in the rebelling states. States like Maryland were still allowed to have slaves until thee 13th amendment in 1865. So Congress freed the slaves. Lincoln did this only as a war tactic. Thus the War WAS NOT ABOUT SLAVERY. The only reason you might think this is because it makes the North look like heroes.

    So the flag is two things, racist and heritage. Just because one group wanted to use it as a symbol ruins it all for the rest.

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    The "Confederate Flag" was barely used, if at all, as the flag of the Confederate States of America (CSA). In fact, the entire theory of the CSA was that there would be very little central government. The loyalties of southerners wasn't to the CSA, but rather to their respective states.

    The Stars and Bars became much more well known in the 1950's and 1960's, when it was raised by segregationists who didn't want to obey the Supreme Court's mandates to desegregate. At that point, various states incorporated the "Confederate Flag" into their state flag.

    If people want to simply honor their CSA roots, then they'd know to fly the flags of Virginia, Alabama, etc from the period. Unfortunately, they choose to fly a flag that doesn't honor the ideals of the CSA, and in fact was dusted off and used to fight segregation. Therefore, they're not saying, "I'm a proud southerner" but rather, "F*ck Washington DC" as well as various racist slogans.

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    In a historical setting, where flags from all eras of our country's history are being displayed, it is OK.

    Otherwise, it is offensive to so many people that it should not be displayed. Although technically the South seceded from the Union because of states' rights, in actual fact the more prominent reason was slavery.

    The Civil War was a terrible time when more Americans were killed than in all our other wars combined. Oftentimes it was brother against brother in that war and there was divisiveness in our country for many years after the war was over. There is no point in stirring up hard feelings or in hurting anyone's feelings.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Not everyone in the south believed in slavery, but some are proud of being from the south. It would be like saying everyone in our country supports the war right now just because we are in the USA and we put a flag out on the 4th of July or Veterans Day, etc.

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    Myself I don't feel it's bad, just like any other flag that flown in the states, church flags POW flags, Christmas flags, but also it's not the flag of out Country and shouldn't be treateds as so

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