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Regarding emails, what is the use of BC and CC and what is the difference between them??

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    Cc refers to the practice of sending a message as a "carbon copy" or "courtesy copy". That is, the receiver is not expected to reply (although they may, of course). Typically, supervisory personnel are notified with Cc.

    Contrary to popular belief, Cc is not meant for sending multiple copies, at least, not particularly. It is a perfectly legitimate practice to populate the To: field with several addresses.

    The Cc recipients are revealed to all recipients, and this may not be desirable, depending on the situation. An alternative field, Bcc, or blind carbon copy, is available for hidden notification. In common usage, To field recipients are the primary audience of the message, Cc field recipients are others whom the author wishes to publicly inform of the message, and Bcc field recipients are those surreptitiously being informed of the communication.

    blind carbon copy, abbreviated BCC, or blind copy, BC refers to the practice of sending a message to multiple recipients in such a way that what they receive does not contain the complete list of recipients.

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    CC is carbon copy and is exactly the same as TO. The only difference is the "status" of the message. CC indicates that you are getting a copy but are not the primary addressee. For example use TO for a company and CC for the Better Business Bureau when sending a complaint to a company. BCC is blind carbon copy and is hidden. It is used to send out a mailing without everyone knowing the other addresses. When you use CC or BCC you must also have a TO address. With BCC you usually put yourself in the FROM and TO. §

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    CC is derived from the original way in which a physical copy was made - with carbon paper! Thus CC = Carbon Copy. When you use it in an email you are sending a copy of the email to another person. The Recipient of your email sees that you have sent a copy to that (CC) person.

    BC = Blind Copy. You are sending a copy of an email that you are sending out to another party. However in this case the recipient of your email doesn't know you have also sent it to someone else.

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    In emails when you sent emails to.... that is the main recipient... the CC is to send to those that have an interest in what you have to say... but are not necessarily going to use the information... BCC is a blind copy... the others that are receiving the email will not know that these people are receiving it also.. hope this helps

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    If you want to send a copy of you email to someone else other that the person you are sending the original to then you use CC, if you want to send a copy to two people then use CC and BC.

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    cc: comes from carbon copy; it means you're giving someone a copy of a message so that they're aware of it, but it's not addressed directly to that person. Names on the cc list show up in the sent message, and recipients can respond to all other recipients, including the cc recipients.

    bcc: is the same idea, but the names on the bcc list don't show in the sent message. A reply to all on this message would not include the bcc recipients.

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    cc stands for carbon-copy. Lets say you want to send an email to your friend. your friend would be in the regular "to:" and if you wanted to send me a copy just for kicks you would "cc" me. I have no idea what bc is, probably same thing.

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    A CC, or "carbon copy", means you want to send a copy of the email to that person, without including them as an actual addressee. Your addressee(s) will be able to see who you carbon copy on an email.

    A BCC, or "BLIND carbon copy", means you want to send a copy of the email to that person, WITHOUT their name or email address appearing to anybody else. Think of it like including this person secretively in on the email.

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    blind copy and carbon copy

    bc or blind copy you use if you dont want the persons you are sending to know each others email address. useful when you send chain mails. haha

    cc carbon copy for someone who is not directly the recipient of the email but you would want him to have a copy of the email

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    "CC" allows the recipient to not only see the contents of the e-mail, but also the other people you've sent it too. "BCC" stands for "Blind Carbon Copy", and any e-mail addresses in that section are not viewed by any of the recipients in that section.

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