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Project Runway Finale Music for Michael Knight's Collection?

Does anyone know the music for the designers that was played during the collections? I have the song that played during Michael's stuff going through my head, it was such a great beat.

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    from bravo via msnbc

    "Jeffrey composed his own music, a song called “Swing.” Mike Coulter is the vocalist.

    Sam Shaffer composed the music for Laura’s show.

    Michael Knight’s song is called “Runaway.” [At press time, Bravo did not know the artist].

    And Uli is the only contestant who used musical assistance from “Project Runway.” She picked a title called “Doggy Fun” by Barefoot Music."

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    Jeffreys was his band lifter the song swingHere is the link.

    Uli's was barefoot music "doogie fun" I have not been able to find a link for that anywhere

    Laura's was some Jazz and I do not know of the name or link

    As to Michaels I cannot place what music he used at all. If I figure out more of the music links I will let you know. It has taken me along time to find each one right now I am stuck on trying to find on for uli's music.

    You can check or to see if they have them listed at all. I will keep looking.

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  • L.M.L
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    good question...they were probably some random songs or maybe someone made them exsclusively for the designer. Good luck hit your hunt.

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    I cannot stop thinking about the music Michael used, either! Please please please -- someone tell us what it was so I can download it!!!!!!

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    was so cool

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