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(一) 淑貞在報章雜誌上看到某補習社大肆宣傳,既聲稱「名卷在手」,保證合格,又謂所聘請的導師半數均曾任考試局的「擬題委員」。淑貞報讀後,才知道所謂「名卷」是抄襲自坊間的參考書,補習時的導師則是大專學生而非宣傳所述的「名師」。



(二) 正當陳太和兩名兒子在家吃晚飯之際,一個自稱某學校職員的男士登門作家庭訪問,並表示可以提供一項「電話問功課服務」。陳太經游說後,為兩名兒子報名和繳交了數百元的月費。但當兒子致電問功課時,不是打不通電話,便是得到一些含糊不清的答案,對輔助功課毫無裨益。



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    (1) Shu Chen saw loyally in the newspapers and magazines some enrolls in supplementary lessons society propagandizes wantonly, both declared “the famous volume in the hand”, guarantees qualified, and said teacher who invited half number of once to be appointed the test bureau “to draft examination questions committee member”. After the Shu loyal newspaper reads, only then knew so-called “the famous volume” is the plagiarism reference book from the work place between, enrolls in supplementary lessons when teacher is “the famous teacher” who but the technical college student the non-propaganda states.

    Do not readily believe enrolls in supplementary lessons society propaganda “slogan”. The understanding reports reads the curriculum the content, the teachers and the expense and so on, whether conforms to the propaganda content, and requests to list clearly in the receipt.

    Sends a telegram the test bureau inquiry propaganda rising tone to be called drafts examination questions committee member teacher the name whether is true.


    (2) Chen Tai and two sons have when the dinner in the home, calls self some school staff member the gentleman to visit makes the family visit, and indicated may provide an item “the telephone to ask the schoolwork service”. After Chen Taijing solicits support, was two sons registers and has paid several hundred Yuan monthly allowances. But when the son sends a telegram asked when schoolwork, is not cannot make a connection the telephone, then obtains some unclear answers, to assistance schoolwork not in the least benefit.

    Resists to visitor's solicit. Do not pay the expense and in hurried signs in the documentary evidence.

    The request calls on at home the public figure shows the credential and sends a telegram immediately the related organization, checks visitor's status. If has counterfeiting, reports to the police immediately seeks help.

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