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  Archeologists have discovered pottery that suggests that the Mayan civilzations, in what is now Mexico, drank chocolate beverlage 2,600 years ago. They would take beans from the tropical cacao tree, which was native to Central American and use them to make cocoa.  The cocoa enjoyed since ancient times in America was unsweetened and seasoned with spicy peppers;hence it was a spicy and bitter-flavored drink. It was first shipped to Europe to be sold in 1585; however, the flavor had to be changed to suit European tastes. The Europeans added sugar instead of spicy peppers, and soon they learned how to mix it with milk and prepare it in solid form.  The sweetened chocolate is the kind most commonly eaten around the world today. Besides tasting great, it is rumored to have beneficial health effects, and eating it lifts people's spirits psychologically.

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    考古學家已經發現馬雅人的文明 ,是在現在墨西哥的東西,在 2,600 年以前喝巧克力 (beverlage好像打錯了因該是beverages)飲料的陶器。 他們來自當地中美洲熱帶的可可子樹的豆子,而且使用它們製造成可可粉。

    可可粉被享用很久的時間在美國是因為不甜而且被調味辛辣的胡椒粉 因此它是一份辣和苦澀味的飲料。

    1585 年它第一次運輸賣到歐洲。然而,它的滋味必須被改變成適合歐洲的口味。歐洲人增加糖而非辛辣胡椒粉,而且很快他們學習了該如何以堅硬的形式把它和牛奶混合在一起。


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