Harry Potter book?

when will the last harry potter book be released?

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    This is not known for sure there are many good arguements but only beloved Jo knows heres some info from mugglenet.com

    A note from this article's author, Ciaran: This article is for fans who want to know everything about when the next book could come out. I have gathered all the information I could find - from newsposts, interviews, websites - on the topic, and laid it out here for your perusal. I have to say, though, that you might not like what you see!

    Months ago, people speculated that the final book in the Harry Potter series would be released on 7/7/07 - the seventh day of the seventh month of the seventh year (in the third millennium, that is). Why? Because it’s the seventh book in the Harry Potter series, seven is a powerfully magical number (as we learn in Half-Blood Prince), it’s Harry’s seventh year at Hogwarts, and Lord Voldemort has a seven-part soul.

    Releasing it on this date would be using fantastic marketing technique. However, does something as big as Harry Potter really need any special marketing? It will sell no matter what. This doesn’t excuse, however, the fact that releasing the book on said date would be a good idea from a marketer’s perspective. (For example, The Omen was specifically released on 6/6/06.)

    So let’s take a look at some other reasons why releasing Book 7 on 7/7/07 is plausible.

    Arguments for a summer 2007 release

    2007 marks the tenth anniversary of when the first book, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, was released. This may not mean much, but isn’t it better to finish off the series after ten years than an odd number like eleven - or, at least, doesn't it sound better?

    On July 17th, 2005 (the day after Half-Blood Prince's publication), regarding the release of Book 7, Jo said: "I am going to say now I think it will be at least another two year wait."

    Jo said in her diary on December 25th that 2006 would be the year she would write Book 7. Seeing as it usually takes her a year (sometimes more, but usually less) to write a book, and an additional six months for the publishers to ready it for release, summer of 2007 would seem likely.

    In January, she has also said in her diary that writing was going well and that she was “floating along on this flood of inspiration.”

    At the 2006 British Book Awards, she told CBBC Newsround that writing was “going well.”

    Around March 2006, it was rumored that she had completed four chapters of Book 7.

    Releasing it in the summer would mean children would have more time to read the book, and therefore it would sell better. Leaving it until the next summer seems a bit long, but not entirely impropable.

    In April Jo mentioned on her site that Book 7 was still going well. She also thanked MuggleNet staff member Andy (who wrote up a response to the media’s criticism of Jo’s “weight rant”) for saving her time to write half a chapter of Book 7.

    Bloomsbury co-founder Liz Calder said in May that "the next 'Harry Potter' book is likely to come out in 2007." She isn't JK Rowling, but her guess is probably better than ours.

    In June, JK told Richard & Judy in an interview: "The last book's not finished. But, I'm well into it now."

    Apparently a release next summer is just what the struggling American publisher needs, whose shares fell by 6 per cent this year.

    July 7th is "conveniently" a Saturday and, at Jo's request, all previous Harry Potter books have been released on a Saturday so as not to disturb school time.

    If not July 7th, then what about July 31st, 2007? It's further away from the fifth movie's release, and it's both Jo's and Harry's birthdays. What better way to celebrate your birthday than see the most anticipated book - your book - ever released to the world?

    These are the only real reasons I can evisage for now. It just seems a good idea and a plausible release based on a realistic time scale. But then again, there are – sigh – other factors to consider, which may sway the release date away from our hoped-for 7/7/07.

    Arguments against a summer 2007 release

    Jo has three kids now. Inevitably, her children will detract from the time she has to write Book 7 - she's a caring mother, after all! One of her new year’s resolutions (published on her official site last January) was to keep her children healthy ("avoid winter colds") so she could set aside a solid week for writing while getting at least a few hours’ sleep. We just have to take into account that children – especially the age her toddlers are at – can be very time-consuming!

    The Order of the Phoenix movie release date: July 13th, 2007. Upon hearing this, thousands of fans immediately extinguished hope on the idea of a summer release for HP 7. What most people note is that Harry Potter bosses would want to stretch out such a colossal money-making phenomenon (probably the biggest the movie and book industries have ever witnessed) as long as humanly possible. Therefore, releasing the last Harry Potter book ever – which is bound to outsell all previous tomes – in the same summer as one of the most anticipated movies of all time isn’t a good idea. Who knows? They could still do it, creating enormous hype and anticipation and, in the process, $$$.

    Jo said in her diary previously that she has a plan for Book 7 but has met a few bumps in the road (“So what I thought were going to be two chapters have now become four.”) She mentions, looking at the plan, that the book shouldn’t be longer than Order of the Phoenix, but clearly isn’t too confident about this. After all, there are a lot of loose ends to tie up. Even though we wouldn’t be complaining if it turned out five times the size of OOTP, a longer book may mean a not-so-close release date.

    At the time of my writing this, it's September 8th and we still don't have a title. For Prince we got the title on June 29th, 2004, over a year before the book was released (July 16th, 2005).

    Open to interpretation

    JKR participated in a charity reading last August in New York City called, "An Evening With Harry, Carrie & Garp." She told fans during the second reading that, while in the shower that morning, she changed her mind on the title of 7. Apparently she thought the new title was much better than the one she previously had in mind. This could mean she a) is so far along in Book 7 that she's this certain about a title, or b) isn't that far along - as such, she changes the title on a whim. I'm going with the former.

    As 7/7/07 will mark the two-year anniversary of the London bombings, the release may have to be changed as a mark of respect. On the other hand, the book may be released specifically on this day to pull people's attention away from the memory of this grave event.


    With all this in mind, the release of Book 7 could potentially - well, easily - go either way: summer 2007 or summer 2008. I really don’t believe a time in between those dates is likely. However, I’m still leaning towards a summer 2007 release, but that could just be wishful thinking. Whatever the release date, I’m sure we’ll all still enjoy the book just as much. And, if worst comes to worst, we find out it’s not coming out until 2008, just contemplate: there’s nothing more. No other book. Nothing. Harry Potter is over. Do you want that to happen fast?

    happy waiting!

    Source(s): mugglenet
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    Same for me. Harry Potter is the primary booklet sequence I might keep up all night time to conclude. I learn the primary one in first grade or so. I discovered it within the closet I used to be hiding in throughout a recreation of conceal and search. I used to be bored so I simply stayed in there and skim the complete factor. I do not don't forget this, however my mum stated I got here out yelling "We need to cross to the library!!!!" And that is the tale of ways my obsession began. I'm regularly in this sort of well temper while I learn Harry Potter. Whenever I have issues at institution or residence, I'll learn an HP booklet, or probably simply an excerpt, and I pop out within the first-rate feasible temper I would be in. It used to be the primary booklet I used to be ever emotionally connected too. The first booklet that made me chortle, and cry, and all the ones distinct matters. It's like Harry Potter "aroused from sleep" my creativeness. I used to be announced to this complete new global of myth and magic (tacky because it sounds). I almost always would not also have one of the crucial peers I have in these days, when you consider that I met them by way of Harry Potter.

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    No one is totally sure yet but there is a lot of speculation about it coming out next year. I know a lot of people think that the seventh book should come out on 7/7/07.

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