Does the price of retail space fluctuate seasonally?

I'm going to be opening a retail space in/ near Long Beach Ca.

My business is not likely to have a huge change in sales due to Christmas.

So, if it's not critical to be open by Christmas, can I wait till after Christmas to sign a lease and expect to get a cheaper rate per month? My thought is that more people are tryingto start retail businesses before Christmas, placing a demand on space. Then after Christmas there will be more businesses shutting down due to normal attrition. So I thought there might be a glut of space available in January driving the average price per foot down.

Is this reasonable, or is the reality different?

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    All the of the retail spaces tend to go up at Christmas. You should check into things before leasing anything but since your business doesn't require a huge amount of traffic it might be okay to wait til after Christmas. Good luck on your new venture.

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    1 decade ago

    not really. since you have to sign a lease and not pay per month sort of rent there, won't really matter when you get the place. but around christmas time there will probably be less space avaialble and if there is a fight for some space, I wouldn't put it past the leasing company to pad the lease with some extra bucks for their pockets. also look at the space itself. locations more out of the way will cost cheaper than the ones in prime spots. if you are paying a monthly rent sort of thing then I wouls definintley wait until after christmas, but if you;re stuck paying a yearly lease then anytime should be fine

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