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Microsoft Access???

I am taking a computer class online...and i need Microsoft Access 2003 to do my homework for next week and,of course, i dont have it. I want to know what it is or what i would use it for... I am wondering if i buy this, will i ever use it again, outside of this class... or if instead of buying it i should use one of the labs at school??

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    It's a business data base. It's used to keep customer information records, customer orders, shipping orders. It can also print the delivery slips. It's a pretty good small business tool.

    If you plan on running a small business, you might need it. There are lots of other such applications but Access is part of Microsoft Office. So if you can get a hold of MS Office Pro. then you'll have it. Weather you need it or not.

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    Microsoft Access is a part of Microsoft Office, if you have Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel or Microsoft FrontPage, you surely would already have Microsoft Access.

    Microsoft Access, by the way, is a database management software. Database is a collection of data, arranged in a manner that suits the need. I'm sure, very sure, that unless you're software developers (programmers) or work in a company you won't likely ever need Access at all.

    I recommend you should buy (or better, download off the Internet and search for the crack) Microsoft Office 2003 (which includes Access). Microsoft Office is a set of essential tools for Offices, but also a very useful students especially the Microsoft Word.

    Info: Microsoft (http://www.microsoft.com/) offers Microsoft Office 2007 BETA 2 for free (beta is a test software, which is finished but are being tested for leftover bugs and glitches), except handling fee, which is $1.5 for downloading or mailed by DVD for. You can download it here: http://www.microsoft.com/office/preview/beta/overv...

    btw, you could actually download Office 2007 for complete free (including no $1.5) from other sources, I recommend from bittorrent.

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    the likeliness is that the average person will never use it

    you can use many other applications to compromise the lack of MS Access.

    Even excel with a bit of VBA works just as well if not better

    i wouldn't buy it

    depending on how long you need it for download a trial version if needs be

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    It's a relational database. You will only use it if you get into database management. It's expensive ($120 on e-Bay). I'd say use the labs at school.


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    I would use the one in the lab or get a free database system like mySql. Check out http:/www.mysql.com

    Source(s): http:/www.mysql.com
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    Never use it again? You can buy a standalone version for about $200. Shop around. Look at http://www.newegg.com or


    Good luck

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    Its a database application.


    used for keeping all your records etc

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