How did Neil Bush help America out ,same way as his brother George is by reaching into my wallet and stealing?

When democrats raise taxes to pay for the Bush spending spree and Giveaways will we be so short sided as to blame the democrats for being responcible enough to pay our debts .Or should we do like all good republicans and file for bankruptcy .Wipe the slate clean and start from scratch .Its like going to re-hab when you walk out you are free from your past because that was not really you somehow .

I get it now .you just have to lie to yourself every minute of every day and tell yourself that you are ok often enough till you believe it .

How does a person live with themselves when its time to tell the family with a sick child that they have reached the limits of the insurance policy and the treatments will no longer be paid by them .How do they walk around after the fill up the pockets of all their friends with money taken out of people savings that they loaned to there college buddies and familys to buy homes with and then declare the company banckrupt leaving tax payers to foot the bil

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    We learned in school that if behavior is punished there is less of such behavior. If it is rewarded there is more. If people save and invest, creating a growing economy, they receive a reward for so doing, profits and dividends. If they are punished by taxes, there is less desire to invest and a lower supply of funds so to do.

    George Bush the elder forgot this or never learned it while serving with Ronald Reagan. He gave in to the demands for higher taxes made by the Democrats. As a result there was a minor recession and he was not reelected. His sons, George and Jeb knew better or learned from this. They cut income tax rates. Their economies flourished. Nationally unemploymnet is at the lowest level in many years; federal tax revenues are spurting; state tax revenues are way up except for those states that raised their state taxes, inflation is down despite the temporarily high energy costs; all statistics show economic benefits. Given the facts, how can one seriously base an argument on false dismal assumptions?

    It is true that George Bush should have vetoed many spending bills. However, he was denied the item veto which would have helped. Perhaps he also has used the strategy by taking away many of the programs that the Democrats want, by spending money before the Democrats can claim they would spend for this good project or that good project. Clinton took away Republican argumentsby agreeing with and sponsoring many RRepublican pregrams. Even so,federal revenues have climbed much faster that federal expenditures over the past two or three years/

  • Diane
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    4 years ago

    Essentially he took us to war with a country (Iraq) instead of finding the organization (Al Qaeda) that attacked us... and they weren't even in that country! Then they came up with the whole WMD bullshit... turned out there was nothing there... aaaaand, we stayed there the rest of his term spending a trillion dollars and thousands of troop lives for no reason whatsoever... and Obama isn't doing **** to get us out either even though he said he would. More ways than that too, there's also Katrina and the tax cuts to the rich... I'm sorry but the whole retarded "trickle down" effect republicans talk about doesn't ******* work. You've been deceived, or you're rich and you know you're ******* poor people over, and are fine with that.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Don't sell the Bush brothers short. They are as cunning as Matahari.

    How about Marvin Bush How cunning was he? His Saudi Backed Security Company had the contract to protect the WTC. The contract was written to expire on September 10. How lucky can a Saudi get.

    Oh it's public record so don't come blaming me for what the Plutocrats did.

    Go big Red Go

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    Why are you complaining. I thought all libs wanted a 50% tax across the board. But this plays into the lib fantasy that everything is George Bushes fault...

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  • 1 decade ago

    The biggest state secret might be the numbers and locations of the Dictator Dumbya off-shore accounts. Down with Dictator Dumbya!!!

  • 1 decade ago

    Bitter. But the point is missed and then made again. We are operating off of budgets and proposals signed off from previous admins.

  • 1 decade ago

    Planned Demolition?

    Or Terror Attack?

    He's on a mission,

    to bring war back!

    Promise protection

    in exchange for gold!

    give us your money,

    do as your told!

  • Mark
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    1 decade ago

    You are correct. They behave like this because they don't care what happens in the future, because they will be dead. They have no souls.

  • 1 decade ago

    how do you get to "tax cuts for the rich" to "reached into my wallet"? you libs are all over the map!

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