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Who was the king of britain at the time of the roman invasion?


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    In 54 B.C. Julius Caesar invaded England, but the Romans did not become established here until A.D. 43.England was not a nation and the natives lived in tribes.Each tribe had a leader{King},no single person ruled the country.

    Britons led by Cassivellaunus of the Atrebates tribe, fought Julius Caesar and the Romans as they landed. The Romans won the battle and so the period of Roman Rule in Britain began.

    In 5AD Rome acknowledged Cymbeline, King of the Catuvellauni tribe , as king of Britain. Catuvellauni influence is now prevalent in Britain.

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    I'm no historian but from my understanding, Britain at the time of the original Roman Conquest would have been met by Tribal Chiefs - probably the Celts. And, if I understand this correctly, it was their mightiest warrior that was made chief. Eventually the Celts were driven north and Hadrian's wall was built to keep them out since they were such pesky buggers. The Romans, once in occupation were eventually bothered by the Hybernians, Raiders from Gaul, Norsemen, and Saxons. That's off the top of my head anyway...there's probably alot more.

    For interesting reading - try Jack White's novels - great historical fiction on the final days of the Roman Empire in Britain and King Arthur. The first book is called Sky Stone.

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    There was no Monarch at the time. Just little tribes with tribal leaders. The entire area was divided into small communities, so there was no form of government.

    The first recorded british Monarch was from the House of Wessex, and his name was Egbert. He ruled from 802 to 839 AD

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    i dont remember the name but i remember that imperor Claudius ordered to set him loose not to kill him when they get back to Rome 43 AD

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