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The school aims at providing an all-round education. On the one hand, it attaches much importance to the academic training of students. Its students have always excelled in scholastic achievement in both public examinations - the passing rate of which has always been around 100%.


The majority pass in the examinations with distinctions and credits. Every year, nearly all its Form Seven graduates are admitted to the universities in Hong Kong. Many graduates of the school have also attained remarkable success in their careers.

Update 2:

On the other hand, the school stresses the inculcation of moral virtues and the development of personality. It seeks to strike a balance between academic and extra-curricular activities by providing a multiplicity of wholesome acitvities.

Update 3:

All in all, the school has always been renowned as one guiding its students in pursuit of personal and academic excellence.

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    學校瞄準提供全能教育。一方面, 它把重點放在學生學術訓練。它的學生總擅長在學者成就兩次公開考試中- 總是大約100% 的通過的率。

    多數人在考試以通行證和credits分別 。每年, 它的形式幾乎所有畢業生被錄取在香港的大學。學校許多畢業生並且獲得了卓越的成功和他們的事業。

    另一方面, 學校強調道德品質的諄諄教誨和個性的發展。它尋求結帳在學術和課外活動之間由提供衛生acitvities 多樣性。

    總之, 作為學校總使有名望引導它的學生追求個人和學術優秀。

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    (有多項選擇: 中(繁簡任擇)譯英, 英譯中(繁簡任擇),......等等) 7x24幾時用都得好方便

    Good Luck


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