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once and for all

once and for all 點解?

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    Once and for all 一勞永逸、一了百了、徹底 (解決問題等)

    舉例說, 醫生向患了心臟病的病人解釋, 藥物只能控制其病情, 惟獨手術才可令問題根治, 一勞永逸, 英文便是:Medication alone can only reduce symptoms of your illness. If you undergo surgery, you will be able to do away with your problem once and for all.

    Another example:Leaders of the two countries will hold talks next week in an attempt to settle the border dispute once and for all ( 兩國的領導人下週將展開會談, 企圖徹底解決邊界糾紛 )

    ( 可見 once and for all 並非只是加強語氣那麼簡單, 它其實表示問題不僅獲得處理或解決, 而是永遠的解決, 不會再次出現 )

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    通常英語應說 once for all 而不需用 and 字.

    字典的解釋是最後一次, 但在片語來解是一勞永逸或一次過解決的意思.


    Let us settle the matter once for all.

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    2006-10-20 14:10:51 補充:

    通常用黎加強語氣e.g. They break into the Forbidden City of China, and Wong must face the Chinese villains and stop the German General once and for all.此句即使唔用once and for all意思都好完整,但用了就有[一次過,一勞永逸]的意思.

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