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怎樣算pump head???


cooling tower---700ton, 2400usgpm

chiller--500 ton, chiller condenser--1500usgpm and 24ft

condenser water leaving pressure=20psi, condenser water entering pressure=40psi,

how to calculate pump head and how to size the pump??please

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    The data you provided it not enough.

    You must find out

    1. Which size of piping be used and its pipe length. And calculated its head lost

    2. Head lost of equipment as like Chiller, Cooling Tower and all designed valves and piping fitting.

    Next you should summary all system head lost. You can get the pump head lost.

    Use the head lost and water flow rate to select the best mode of performace curve of pump by pump selected program or sales of pump agency.

    Finial you will get the best pump which you need for this condensed water system.

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    I don't know what the conditions.

    If you can ,please e-mail to .

    2006-10-26 12:00:00 補充:

    total high is 24 ft

    total length si smaller than 100 ft

    so total pump hend is 24+(100*0.01)=25 ft

    So your pump can choose greater 25ft presssue,and your pump pressure is 40 psi that it ok.

    So I think it is enough that let you use it^^

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