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1999年Don Zimmer曾經擔任洋基總教練一陣子(36場比賽),請問Joe Torre為什麼缺席?

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    Nearly three years after Frank's surgery, the Torre family endured another life-threatening ordeal when Joe himself was diagnosed with prostate cancer on March 10, 1999, during a routine physical exam. He underwent surgery soon afterward and turned over managerial duties to bench coach Don Zimmer. Though Torre made several appearances at spring training and at Yankee Stadium as the season began without him, he never set a timetable for his return until the club announced he would resume his role as skipper May 18 in Boston. 從文章裡面寫的,他當時被診斷出了有攝護腺癌,**上決定動手術~把位置交給Don Zimmer,直到當年5.18日~

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