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Can an introvert turn themselves into an extrovert?

and vice versa??

And not by drinking beer or blazing up a fat J.. I mean naturally can they??

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    Certainly. An introvert can learn to be come an extrovert.

    Things in life may even throw an extrovert in to a life style of an introvert and eventually they become one.

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    I would say probably with time one may turn from an introverted personality to an extrovert (vice versa). The one thing is that situations play a bit role as well. An introvert may feel comfortable in a setting and let loose a bit more and then recoil once out of the envioronment. That would be a good social experiment to see what levels of intro/extro turn to the opposite characteristics and how quickly. Sorry, always loved the psyche!

    Overall, to answer you, I would say possibly with the right environment/situation and for a long duration it is possible.

    Be well....

  • ELI
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    We can certainly act like an introvert or an extrovert if we wish and will to. We do have that capacity to be aware of ourselves and act in ways that we ordinarily would not.

    Those who are more "balanced," meaning those who don't lean too much on either end of the spectrum, (turning inward and turning outward) may have an easier time becoming introverted or extroverted. However, in terms of tendencies, inner motivations or thoughts, I think it would be difficult for those who are on extremes (definitely introverts or extroverts). Finding the right balance, and working with your own personality as is, is the key to healthy functioning.

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    I'm an introvert at heart who'd rather be backstage than centerstage, but I've taught myself how to do both. I can get up in front of a large group of people and lecture, lead a meeting, or do whatever is necessary, but that's only after years of work. My basic nature is the same, and I doubt that it will ever change.

    Incidentally, I get more introverted and quiet after a few drinks, rather than outgoing and loud!

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    Speaking as an introvert, I can't turn myself into an extrovert. I'm just not wired that way. However, I can do a darned good impression of one when I have to (which is usually at work).

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    Yes, I can myself to be very introverted in some situations and very extroverted in others. It just depends on the situation and people. Also, you hear of people that were very shy as teenagers that go on to be very talkative.

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    One can certainly make progress. I think, in some fundamental respects, an introverted person just naturally has that kind of personality.

    From personal experience, I'd suggest karaoke :-)

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    I suppose with a little help, sure... I don't see why not.

    Having said that it'll require a lot of effort because they've been that way by nature for most of their lives.

    So it's like a comfort zone or a safety net if you may.

    It'll be difficult but not impossible for them to convert but THEY need to want it for themselves too.

    You can't help someone who doesn't want to be helped.

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    I believe so. I used to be incredibly I am a public speaker and totally relaxed in front of a groups or microphone.

    I conquered my shyness with magic. ...not casting spells, card tricks and the like.

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    I don't think you can do it alone. You need someone to stimulate the desires in you. I am not being sarcastic or sexual about your question.

    We need others to confide in, to relate to, and to make us feel good about ourselves. By trusting in others a person can come out of their shell.

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