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NBC news is laying off 5% of its work force. Does this mean FOX News is Better?

Fox is growing by leaps and bounds yet NBC and the other drive by media seems to be going down the tubes. They did say that they are laying off because of changes in habits such as using the web. I wonder why this is not affecting FOX.


Fox News ratings continue to climb, I DO follow the ratings

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    Fox News is kicking butt and the liberals can't stand it that more people listen to the truth than the democrat propaganda machines of the alphabet networks. Not only does CBS, NBC, and ABC distort the facts but they also invent stories and that has been proven and no one can dispute that.

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    Finally some truth in the News Media.

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    ... well you see... Fox news ratings have been going down too recently... if you follow ratings you would know this...

    but the real truth here is Fox has no competition...there is no other conservative news channel so it basically has a monopoly on the situation... while the others have to compete for the remaining 70 percent of the audience...

    it's not so easy when you have competition...

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    Foxnews is too bais acutally? I like CNBC and seeing how money works. Than listen to idiot Hannity or Oreily take a story and distort truth about it. Moderation is key, and CNN with Dobbs is a populists, and Hannity is a neo-con dont get to the bottom of things with CNN or Fox. NBC is more objective than both of them I found.

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    It could mean that they didn't need that 5% (lot's of successful companies downsize occasionally).

    I watch news from various sources, and admit that I used to watch Bill O's show...but I got tired of him never letting his guests share their views, so I quit watching him...

    I think all news outlets should be taken with a grain of salt.

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