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Can i straighten warped pine interior doors?

I have hung and painted three pine doors inside my home. I followed the manufacturers instructions to the full but for some reason over the last year they have warped. I can only assume that they must have had moisture in them before sealing with paint and this has made them swell or twist. I need to know if it's worth trying to straighten them agian by taking them down, placing them on a flat surface and placing a heavy load on them for some time. Would this work or will they just go back to the shape they have warped to? Help?!!!

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    i don't believe the pine doors can warp, trying to straight then out is a lost cause. are you sure the doors are hung right alot of times they rub on the frame because there not hung right, i would check the way you hung them first. always get a door with casing then you won't have trouble.

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    It is a dilemma, first of all, my father, a wise old man taught me a way back when...he's been dead for 35yrs. What ever you do to one side of a door, you must do to the other side. This is done to balance the tensions, "just like tightening the spokes on your bicycle". If the doors were in the house unwrapped and open for a minimum of 72 hours prior to finishings being applied, the moisture content would be equalized within the door, "acclimatized" to it's environment, so interior moisture would not be the problem, more likely the environmental differences within the house from room to room caused the problem. This is assuming the doors have been finished and or stored as outlined herein. Per example: the bathroom door is the most likely to warp due to excessive moisture in the bathroom and so on...Also I found that the delivery people tend to lean doors against walls this causes warping, painters do the same more warping, a door should be stood, as hung, "plumb". or on edge plumb as possible. Even if you could reverse the door in it's opening it may very well warp in the opposite direction the next time, you know this is why steel or composite doors are prevalent to day. Hope this helps a bit, I've got solid pine french doors on every room in my house, but a very balanced environment with in-floor radiant heat through-out and no warping, every door has 3 hinges and were treated as outlined here....

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    Pine Interior Door

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    You have nothing to lose by trying to straighten them, although I wouldn't hold out a great deal of hope. Moisture could have played a part in the warping but it could just as easily have been natural forces in the wood, a tree growing on a hillside will have these forces. Another option is different temperatures on the faces of the doors, hot on one side, cold on the other will make the door warp to the warmer side. The same principle applies to humidity, wet and dry, the door will warp to the drier side. Sorry I can't be of more help.

    Source(s): Working for a door manufacturer.
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    It's not easy to get them to hold their shape after the first warp but it is worth a try. If you are able to straighten them, be certain to seal the top and bottom edges.

    Are these raise panel or flat panel doors? Either way it's worth a shot.

    If you like, you can email me. I machined doors for several Architectural Millwork Companies.

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    I would recommend varnishing them as pine looks nice. White doors take away character from the room. Pine definately looks good upstairs Liz

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    If you have not already removed the vinyl floor leave it in place. Other wise you will need to remove as much of the residual adhesive as possible using a heat gun and a 3 inch metal scraper. Then you can proceed with setting the tiles. Note: if there are any cracks in the concrete please consider using a non-fracture Schluter Membrane available at most Building Supply stores. Contact Ames Bros. at 1-800-661-8453 for further information on this product.

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    How have they warped???

    Not closing at the "top" or "bottom"

    Or scrubbing the door casing on the

    latch side?

    Need to know before I can answer.

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