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Was religious persecution the reason why the west ignored Saddam's crimes against the Kurds?

Before you answer,consider this:

The Majority of Kurds do NOT practice Islam.They practice the Religion of YEZIDI.Simply stated, the Yezidis are a sect that could easily be described as an Islamic version of modern Satanism.They do NOT harm children or animals, as many sensational stories spread by evangelical Xtians would have people believe about modern Satanists in the west-claims which are just as false here.No, they simply see man's true redeemer and intermediary(sp?) between god and man as Satan (SHAITAN).Is the predominantly Judeo-Xtian west guilty of turning a deaf ear to their cries for this reason alone? How many more people will be needlessly sacrificed for no greater "crime" than believing in a religion that may be considered "exotic' or foriegn to the western mentality? let alone "antichristian". Heaven's to mirgatroid! we can't have that can we! your thougthts please...........


Billy, an Xtian is another way of saying christian.Kinda like saying Xmas instead of chrismas.I refuse to spell out the name of their stupid faith or their false messiah unless I must to illustrate something.

Update 2:

Greaserman, You obviously know more than I do,being a Kurd yourself.So who in that region is

practicing Yezidi if not the Kurds? Would it be safe to say that a part of what is supposed to be Kurdistan still does practice Yezidi?I'll admit I don't know for certain anymore.

Update 3:

Blue-green, it isn't so much the people in our nation that I blame,it is the U.S. government/pentagon who probably do know alot about the indigenous people of

that area-religion and all.

I agree with you, but would it be fair to say that it makes a good excuse for those who would later call the U.S. on it? Even if the real reason was greed and nothing else?

Update 4:

Wikipedia still regards Mosul Iraq as a major community for the Yezidi-numbering as many as 500.000.

Sorry for my crappy research earlier.

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    I'm a Kurd myself, and the majority is in fact Muslim, but we do not practice it like other Muslims do. We don't take it as seriously as other Muslims. Drinking alcohol is common in Kurdish regions, whereas it is banned and punishable by death in most Muslim countries. A lot of Kurds don't pray, even though they're required to 5 times a day. Some don't fast during Ramadan.......etc.

    As far as your question, I don't believe the West ignored the Kurds, in 1991, if it wasn't for the West, Saddam would've probably crushed the Kurdish resistance, but with the help of the West, we were able to get our "independence". Then the Kurdish region of Iraq was under a no-fly zone monitored by US and British aircrafts, I believe.

    I do think, however, the Kurds in Turkey and Iran are being largely ignored. In Turkey, to this day it's against the law to even speak Kurdish or identify yourself as a Kurd.

    Zoltan: Oh, I'm sorry if I wasn't clear. I didn't mean to say Kurds don't practice Yezidi, I think its actually the second most practiced religion after Islam.

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    First, thank-you for educating us about the Kurds. I (like most westerners probably do) assumed that Kurds are mostly Muslim and was unaware of this dimension of their persecution.

    That being said, I don't think religion has anything to do with why the west turned a blind eye to this. Let's face it, the US leads the West, and for a long time the US were allies of Iraq. Saddam was fighting Iran for years, and the US liked that because the Iranian government of the time was one that had overthrown the previous, US-supported regime. The US liked it so much that they gave Saddam all kinds of missles and bombs and airplanes, and they didn't really ask what he did with them.

    When it comes right down to it, America (like most nations) is ruled by the almighty dollar, and issues of religion are just a smokescreen. They like to claim they are the champions of democracy, but in fact they have overthrown several democratically elected leaders and have proven time and again that they will back any dictator who is willing to help America (or American companies) got something they want. Though I don't know of any other western nation that has (in recent memories) overthrown another nation like America has, they've all known what the US was up to and did nothing to stop them, so I guess we're all guilty of this crime.

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    I would suggest that religion had little or nothing to do with the west's response to the crimes against the Kurds.

    The average westerner barely knows about the kurds and I would bet only about 1 in a million even know they practice Yezidi.

    The politicians ignored the persecution because it was in their political interests to do so, and they talk about the outrage of it when it is in their political interest to do so.

    Ignore when supporting Saddam in his war against Iraq. Pay attention when making excuses to invade Iraq and replace Saddam.

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    I'm prettys sure it was to destablize the Soviet backed Iran government. That and oil.

    BTW, what's an Xtian?

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