How many years will a hard drive last ?

Question # 1 I bought my Compaq Presario 5100 almost 6 years ago for home use. Twice I have done a clean erase.....erasing everything down to the hard drive..... It has had very heavy use, is never turned completely off, but is restarted a couple of times a week. I have replaced the cd disk drive and added more memory, and replaced the mouse. I was wondering how many more years I can expect the hard drive to last ?

Question #2 I run Spybot Search and Destroy, AVG anti spyware 7.5, Windows Defender, Diskeeper, Spyware Terminator, and I need all these, and which, if any, should I get rid of ?

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    Well how long a harddrive will last is actually a really hard to answer question. It really depends on use and how well it is taken care of like how hot does the drive get. If it is kept cool then it will most likely last longer. If the computer is never turned off then you do a lot more wear and tear on the motor spinning it. I do have a hard drive in use from as long ago as 12 years and it is running fine. It has been reformatted and completely full then wiped clean several times. So it is really build quality, enviroment, and use that detemine how long one will last. As for your spyware every program seems to find a few things the others down. usually a lot of people have AVG free virus scan, spybot and ad-aware. Those three cover most.

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    1st off all you need for spy progs is ad-aware and spybot also might not hurt to buy antivirus prog but get rid of the rest in that list because Compaq is a good pc and you should not need all that . But as for rebooting i would not let it go that long and possibly do checkups once a week ,ive seen HD's go down in a 6 month frame but could last 6 yrs so all depends how u treat it .

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    First, I have one computer that the hard drive has slaved to five computers in the last 7 years. I got it about 10 years ago. But then I have a Hard Drive only last only 1 year once.

    Second No you do not need all those.

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    -I've seen them last two weeks, and I know of one that is nine years old and running the whole time in a server. It really is pretty random.

    Good quality ones usually get five years at least. By that time they are pretty small for the new software anyhow.

    -I usualy scan mine with Adaware, and Spybot. I use the free version of AVG Anti-virus for real-time. It is really a matter of preference, but you are running a lot.

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    there is no way to tell you that. there are two many variables. but it will last longer if you turn the computer off when you are through for the day

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    it'll last quite a while, but remember to back it up because when it comes to computers, they're unpredictable...


  • Anonymous
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    For me about...oh, a hard DRIVE!

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