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How do I get rid of pron pop ups on my computer?

Porn pop ups occur even when we are not on line. We are inundated with this as well as adverstisements for spyware and other software to delete or prevent pop ups. I suspect that our computer has suffered a virus attack. Other than buying software, is there any way to get rid of this onslaught of filth?

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    BIG problem, and a bigger problem is that they multiply VERY quickly. I'm going to suggest 3 free anti-spy, ad, and virus software. I use them all consistently, and know them well. I also use all three here at my job (elementary school tech instructor) and trust them. I've noticed that using more than one may be necessary. You'll get other suggestions as well...

    Once they get in, they're like roaches. Here are some proven killers.

    Virus: AVG Free Edtion 7.5 at and select "download free version". It's easy to use, and updates and scans daily. It includes e-mail protection as well as constant "monitoring". As it finds viruses, you can delete them (sometimes you can't) or lock them in a vault. My school district uses AVG on every computer (3,000+) and we're very happy with it. I even installed on my mom's computer!

    Adware are a prime source of the pop-ups you describe. At is a highly-rated and award winning program. Again, it's free. Read the description, and if you want it, just click Download. Before you run a scan, make sure to run the update first. It will start daily like AVG, but you should do it everyday for about a week, then after it looks like it has everything under control, run it once a week.

    Finally, another highly-rated detection tool is SpyBot Search & Destroy at

    Also free and very good, it's really good at finding anything AdAware misses. Go through the Help section first because it can seem complicated, and will require an update by you before a scan. It comes with an immunization feature that keeps things out VERY well.

    And last, click Tools on your browser menu bar, and select Internet Options. Click the tab for Content. Click Enable for ratings that Control Internet Content... It's self-explanatory from there. It won't stop everything, but it works almost TOO well sometimes (always click Apply when done!). Also, if there's one site that always somehow to get through (there always seems to be one) on the same ratings page, you can go to Approved Sites and enter the site there, and select NEVER.

    By using these tips, you should see a vast improvement. But remember, these guys are tenacious.

    Other suggestions may be for Norton, but I've had and heard more problems than positives about it. And formatting our hard drive is an absolute last resort, and there are 100+ more things I'd try before that. I don't give up that easily.

    (One last thing, my Google Toolbar is absolutely BRUTAL at blocking pop-ups, plus the search window is very handy. It even blocks the pop-ups that you want. Click the pop-up symbol and you get the ones you want, while killing the ones you don't. I think Yahoo has one too, but Google's with all of it's fun features, in my humble opinion, is better. Get it at )

    Sorry for the extended answer, but it's a VERY important question. If you have any problems running any of the programs I mentioned, contact me off of my profile. Good luck!!

    Source(s): K-5 Technology Teacher - 9 years;
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    The best way that I've found to keep from getting pop-ups like crazy... is to back up anything you want to keep on your computer (things that can't be re-installed, ie: photos, some documents... things like that) and format your entire drive... then, when re-installing windows, partition the drive into two parts, the first partition, C:\ around 10 gigabytes, and the second partition with the rest of the space... keep only your Windows installation and other system installations (like AIM or Yahoo Messenger) on the C drive as well... then keep whatever else you want (games, photos, music, etc.) on the other drive... whenever your computer becomes too cluttered, you can re-format the C drive and keep the other drive full of things... it only takes about a half hour to format the C drive and GUARANTEES that you get rid of all of the spyware crap... it'll make your computer run like it did when you first bought it ^_^

    Secondly, don't go to websites that are shady enough to have spyware downloads on the sites (ahem, like pr0n sites)... you really only get those things from sites like that anyway... you could get a pop-up blocking browser, also... I recommend Avant Browser (or FireFox... lots of people swear by it... but I like my Avant more ^_^)

    It might sound kind of difficult to format and all that... but if you find somebody who knows what they're doing (preferably a friend... and not an overcharging computer store) it's not too difficult...

    By keeping my drives separated and able to be re-formatted, using pop-up blocking browsers, and not going to shady pr0n sites... you can basically eliminate spyware on your computer ^_^

    *NOTE* This won't work if you have a Dell/HP/Compaq etc. store-bought computer... they partition the drives themselves and make it a hassle to do it this way...

    Oh, and you haven't suffered "a virus attack" that's just silly ^_^

    Source(s): It's what myself and all of my computer geek friends do... it just makes sense... I've used Spybot Search and Destroy... Ad-Aware... Webroot SpySweeper... all that stuff... and they don't always work... ::shrug::
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    You've gotten a lot of good advice already. :-)

    If the anti-adware / anti-spyware tools you try don't do the job, visit a site that specializes in helping people get that stuff off of their computers. Two good ones that I have worked with are and There are plenty of others out there, too.

    If you seek help from an online forum, please make sure that you follow any instructions you get from them to the letter. That'll make it easier for them to help you, and it will make cleaning up your computer go more quickly.

    Best of luck.

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    run AD-Aware SE, AVG, and use Mozilla Firefox as your browser.

    If you don't have these programs yet, they are available for free at

    They make take a while to download, but after all of that, you should be good.

    Source(s): My personal experience
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    Download spybot search and destroy from, and also install AVG. you can download that at That is antivirus software that works very well. Spybot should get rid of any thing that is causing popups.

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    download 'ad-aware SE' and 'AVG antispy'

    The above poster is absolutely correct also.

    Jessica Satten-most pop-up blockers come with pop-ups and ad and spy ware. be careful with these, especially if they are not from a trusted source.

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    i think you can get a popup-blocker from free can dowload them for free..let me see if i can findsome info for you

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