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I need to learn a hand to hand (no weapon ) ninja fighting style now please?


I know a lot of weapon styles but i want to learn ninjutsu.

Update 2:

no im a ninja in training losers sorry everyone else

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    If you are looking for ninjitsu the best place to start would be fantasyland.

    If you want realistic modernized training in the skills of assasination or killing might I suggest the USMC sniper training school.

    Schools teaching ninjitsu are generally doing one of the following:

    1- teaching you crap, or

    2- teaching you some other style and calling it "ninjitsu" for marketing.

    For more info on ninjitsu try

    You might also want to make sure you really "know" those weapon styles. Just twirling aroud a weapon doesn't mean you know how to fight with it.

    Just like hand to hand you need to spar (with protective gear and a blunt or wood version of the weapon, obvioulsy since you have a weapon) against a fully resisting opponent who is also trying to hit you.

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    Look in the phone book under "martial arts instruction".

    Actually the art of the ninja not only involves weapons, but it involves multiple weapons. In the area where the ninja originated it was illegal for ordinary citizens to own weaponry. Therefore, the art evolved around the use of improvised weaponry and/or common objects put to use as weapons. For example the blade used to harvest grain used as a weapon is know as the "comma", the ordinary walking stick used as a weapon is known as the "staff", etc....

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    bluto answered it correctly. Ninjitsu is a dead art. Many people who claim to teach it is a fraud. Look up Ashida Kim and Frank Dux, they're well known fraud instructor who claim to teach a such thing.

    Yes there's one that Masaaki Hatassumi created, but it's more of a samurai art. He already made it clear he doesn't teach ninjitsu to anyone and will take the knowledge with him to his grave.

    So you're better off find other style.

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    There's no such thing as real ninja training today ubless you're a teenage mutant turtle. Find a good traditional MA school in your area.

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    Find a Ninjitsu class in your area I found a Ninjitsu instructor on once even that might work, But I'd try the phone book first.

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    check your local phonbook to see if there are any schools that teach a Ninjitsu discipline in your area, and this'll also help you in your weapons training as well.

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    It's going to take you a few years to get proficient. I took martial arts for eight years.

  • i heard good things about aikido and have been wanting to learn it (i did tae kwon do for 3-4 years)

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    why do you need to learn? Maybe you would like to learn but if you need to learn it seems you got issues. Are people beating you up? Got Bullies? Whats the problem? do you need to talk?

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    Bring me back a rare blue flower and we'll talk.

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