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is it safe to take hot shower before going to bed?

Though i fell stressed @ work, is safe to take hot shower? What are the effects? How about cold shower?

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    do u shower at all? yr question seemed like u're asking wat is the effect of eating apples cos u havent ate them before...??

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    No, do not take a hot shower before bed under any circumstances.

    I have a friend - she said her cousin took a hot shower before bed and when she woke up she had appendicitis as well as some second degree burns and vertigo.

    I suggest you don't take any chances, just play it safe and take a shower in the morning.

  • xtrapr
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    I would talk to your doctor and see if it is OK for you.

    I have heard of people dying in the shower from the hot water causing the blood to get too thin and then cause heart problem.

    Again. I would ask your doctor if you have any reservation.

    I like a good warm/hot shower too and would never tale a cold one.

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    Go ahead...take a hot shower! It will not only relax you, it will relax your mucsles, and it will help you fall asleep faster. Trust me...i take a cold shower in the moring to wake me up, and then at night i take a hot shower to put me to sleep.

    A hot shower be for bed will not harm you. Almost everyone takes a hot shower be for bed.

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  • ruthie
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    Hot showers are safe anytime. Cold showers can shock your system if you are overheated and have been in the sun for a prolonged time.

  • Anonymous
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    I have taken a hot shower before bedtime for years and it hasn't harmed me. I will turn 70 next month. I don't understand why anyone would consider a cold shower.

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    ...There are no effects. You are strange. Hot water relaxes you though. I do not see why you can not take a shower before bed. You're weird.

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    There is nothing wrong with that. The hot water will relax your muscles and tension and help you get to sleep with more ease.

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    Why would you worry... except for going to bed sweaty from raised body temp!!

  • Paul S
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    1 decade ago

    I hope so, I have been for years and I'm doing fine

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