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Please help me翻譯


   天球上的星星密密麻麻的數也數不清,為了便於研究及觀測,人們把星空分為若干個 區域,每一區就是一個星座,如同省劃分成許多個縣市一樣,每一個星座均冠予神話 故事中的人物、動物或器具等的名稱。西洋星座最早始於巴比倫時代,到了西元二世 紀托勒密(Ptolemy)時他將全天分為四十八個星座,以後陸續增加約四十個,但星座 不斷地改變與補充,西元1930年國際天文學會公布全天確定列為八十八個星座及星座 界線,其中北天二十八個,黃道十二個,南天四十八個。而我國古代是以星宿及星官 來劃分,其中較重要的是三垣二十八宿,三垣指環繞北極和近頭頂天空分為三個區域, 分別是紫微垣、太微垣和天市垣,而在環黃道和天球赤道近旁一周分為四象,四象中又 將每象細分成七個區域,合稱二十八宿,這些都是中國特有的星座名稱。

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    On the celestial sphere star dense and numerous number is also innumerable, in order to be advantageous for the research and the observation, The people divide into the starry sky certain regions, each area is a constellation, the like province divides many county cities to be same, each constellation even crown gives in the myth story character, animal or appliance and so on name, later one after another will increase approximately 40,But constellation unceasingly change and supplement, in 1930 the international astronomy academic society announced the entire day to determine listed as 88 constellations and the constellation demarcation lines, north in which day 28,Ecliptic 12,South day 48. But our country ancient times was divides by the constellation and the stars, in which more importantly three wall twenty-eight lunar mansions, three walls refer surround the North Pole and the near top of the head sky divide into three regions, Respectively is the purple micro wall, too the micro wall and the day city wall, but a week divides into four elephants nearby the link ecliptic and the celestial equator, four each likely subdivides likely seven regions, Gathers calls the twenty-eight lunar mansions, these all are the Chinese unique constellation names.

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