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Cathay Pacific 有冇vertical integration? and 有冇diversification

as CX acquired Dragonair, it is a kind of horizontal integration.

Then did CX have any vertical integration??

besides, did CX do anything to differientiate itself from other airline company??

(URGENT) please help! ^^

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    Yes, VX do have vertical integration. Pls see below website Page 45 & 46 for subsidiaries and associates that CX have, and you will know.

    Some example of vertical integration of CX's case:

    1. Travel tour operator -- Cathay Holidays Ltd

    2. Airline catering -- Cathay Pacific Catering Services HK Ltd

    3. Aircraft overhaul and maintenance -- HK Aircraft Engineering Co. Ltd (港機工程)

    4. Provision of ground and ramp handling services -- HK Airport Services Ltd

    5. Cargo airline -- AHK Air HK Ltd

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    For diversification, CX have Vogue Laundry(Laundry & dry cleaning), Snowdon (Financial services), & an info processing coy.CX emphasize it is based in Hong Kong, and one of the best services airline (though I think Sing Airline has better service)

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