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<綠里奇蹟>即 的電影劇本分析


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  • 1 decade ago
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    Here is the script excerpts....hope you could find it useful....

    Old Paul to his friend Elaine: "They usually call death row the last mile, but we called ours The Green Mile,because the floor was the color of faded limes.We had the electric chair then.Old Sparky we called it."

    "I've lived a lot of years Elaine,but 1935 takes the prize.That was the year I had the worst urinary tract infection of my life. That was also the year of John Coffey and the two dead girls...."

    Young Paul to inmate Coffey:

    "My name is Paul Edgecomb.... This isn't like the rest of the prison. It's a quiet place,we like to keep it that way.Your time here can be easy or hard,depends on you.If you behave you get to walk the exercise yard every day. We might even play some music from time to time.Questions?"

    Coffey:"Do you leave a light on after bedtime? Because I get a little scared in the dark sometimes.If it's a strange place."

    Guard, Percy:"Dead Man Walking!Dead man walking here!

    Paul to Percy:"Goddammit,Percy!Get the hell off my block!"

    Brutal-of the mouse:"I guess the legislature loosened those purse strings enough to hire on a new guard."

    Dean-of the mouse:"It aint normal for a mouse to come up on people that way.Maybe it's rabid."

    Brutal to Dean:"Oh my Christ.The big mouse expert.The Mouse Man.You see it foaming at the mouth,Mouse Man?"

    Dean-(dubious):"I don't see it's mouth at all."

    Paul to Dean on the mouse:"Dean, watch the door.He tries to get past you,whack him."

    Dean:"Brutal or the mouse?"

    Brutal:"Har har, Mouse Man."

    Bitterbuck-a Green Mile inmate:"You think if a man sincerely repents on what he done wrong, he might get to go back to the time that was happiest for him and live there forever?Could that be what heaven is like?"

    Paul to Bitterbuck:"I just about believe that very thing."

    Brutal to Percy:"He's paid what he's owed.He's square with the house again, so keep your goddamn hands off him."

    Percy to Paul on Brutal's outburst:"What's up his ass?"

    Paul back to Percy:"You, Percy.Always you."

    Young Paul:"On the day of my judgement, when I stand before God, and he asks me why did I kill one of his ....,what am I gonna say? That it was my job?My Job?!"

    Coffey:"John Coffey.Like the drink, only not spelt the same."

    Paul:"The things that happen in this world.It's a wonder God allows it."

    Coffey:"I couldn't help it.I tried to take it back,but it was too late."

    Paul:"I guess sometimes the past just catches up with you,whether you want it to or not."

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