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我想請教一下, 這兩句英文是什麼意思呢?

XXX has been granted U.S. patent number 7,116,665 for methods and systems for supporting multiple customers via a distributed provider edge device.

These inventions pertain to how Internet-based services and security can be implemented by carriers, or how managed service providers (MSPs) can deploy these services from a central device at a provider’s network instead of at a customer site.


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    XXX已被授予美國專利,專利號7,116,665,專利名稱是經由一分散式提供者邊緣裝置支援多重顧客之方法與系統。這些發明是有關於應用網路的服務與安全性如何藉由承載媒介而可被實行,或者管理服務提供者如何由一中央元件能夠部屬這些服務,且該中央裝置位在提供者的網路之不是在客戶端。PS 此專利詳細內容請參考

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