D2O VS H2O 同位素性質的問題

1. D2O 是否和 H2O 一樣 有分子間氫鍵2. D2O的 b.p. 及 m.p. 都比 H2O 大的合理解釋為何3. D2O 是否和 H2O 一樣 密度最大值出現在液態4. 一般常見的為 H2O D2O 那有沒有 D-O-H 若沒有 請問為什麼   若有  那比例上  比D2O多還是少

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    1. 2.http://huiyuan.minghui.org/big5/html/articles/2003...  出現在液態  其密度最大值出現在11.6度C  熔點為3.82度Chttp://zh.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E9%87%8D%E6%B0%B44. 有DOH 稱為半重水有另一種重水稱為半重水,HDO,它只有一個氫原子是多一個中子的重氫。一般的半重水都並不純正,通常是50%HDO,25%的H2O 及 25%的D2O。地球上的水大約有 3,200分之一是半重水 (HDO)。半重水可以透過電解及蒸餾,或以化學方法從普通水中提煉出來。Semiheavy water, HDO, also exists whenever there is water with hydrogen-1 (or protium) and deuterium present in the mixture. This is because hydrogen atoms (hydrogen-1 and deuterium) are rapidly exchanged between water molecules. Water containing 50% H and 50% D actually contains about 50 % HDO and 25 % each of H2O and D2O, in dynamic equilibrium. Semiheavy water, HDO, occurs naturally in regular water at a proportion of about 1 molecule in 3200 (each hydrogen has a probability of 1 in 6400 of being D). Heavy water, D2O, by comparison, occurs naturally at a proportion of about 1 molecule in 41 million (i.e., 1 in 64002).因此 DOH多

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