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請幫我翻英文 贈送15點! 英文白痴的我

麻煩各位英文高手~幫我一下下!! 贈送15點!!

以下幫我中翻英! 感激~~

我們的飯局不了了知~也許是你太忙~也許是你不想我破費! 那不重要!


當時的我很落魄~你不也多問!只是靜靜的送我回家! 我很感激也很窩心!




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    Perhaps we are that is perhaps that you did not want me to spend money that you are too busy with us that does not know our dinner party ! That is not important!

    Still remembering that day , I need help still you can appear in time! !

    A at that time one I very down and out how even you ask at that time! The just silent one sends me home! I am very grateful and very resentful too!

    Our emotion does not need sticking to keep our keeping so thin a feeling good too together by everyday !

    Finally ~~

    Bless you ~~

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    I wonder when are we going to meet for a meal... Maybe you are too busy or

    perhaps you are too considerate that you don't want me to spend too much

    money... Well, this is not important anyway! The point is, thank you for being

    there when I needed your help the most.

    I was out of luck that day, you didn't say a word when you see me,

    you just took me home, it was all I needed and I appreciated for what you had done.

    We don't need to stick together all day long, I kind of enjoy the way it is right now~

    soft and easy.

    Well, best wishes to you~

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    我們的飯局不了了知~也許是你太忙~也許是你不想我破費!!那不重要!!Our a dinner party not liao liao know ~ Maybe is you very hurry ~ Maybe is you not want I spend money!!that not important!!依然記得那天我需要幫忙~你能及時出現!! Remained remember that day my need help ~ You can in time appearance!!當時的我很落魄~你不也多問!!只是靜靜的送我回家!!我很感激也很窩心!!At that moment I very fall soul ~ You not too many question!!Just static give I go home!!I very appreciate too very frustrated!!我們的感情不需要靠天天黏在一起來維持~保持著這樣淡淡的感覺也不賴!!Our emotion not need lean against every day sticky together come maintain ~ Keep this' light feel too not bad!!最後~~at last~ ~祝福你~~ Wish you~ ~

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