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in the interest of 的意思

in the interest of 的意思是?


post-settlement orientation list的中文

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    in the interest of... 為了……(的利益)= for the benefit of...=benefit n. 益處 & vt. 有利於 例: The new policy is for the benefit of people who want to start their own businesses. (新政策對自己想創業的人很有利。)!bUMY2nOaBRnBZhil3W_5... (in the interest of one) -- one 指某人,也可寫成 in one's interest   為了...(的利益); 為了...著想 ; 有利於...或  in one's own interest; in one's best interest. for one's benefit or advantage 例句: It's obviously in their interest to increase profits.  Is this policy in the interest of the townspeople?  I suspect it's in your own best interest to quit now.

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    in the interest of = 為了某某的利益

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