Have you seen the 60ft tall Jesus statue?

Follow the link for a picture:


So what is your take? Abomination, Idolotry, Christians at their best, Christians trying to show their faith....what do you think?

In Cincinnati he is called "touchdown Jesus" or as he is better known to Bob and Tom fan's "Big Butter Jesus"

This is on I75 north of Cincinnati...


I don't even think you can imagine how big it is until you have seen it upclose...it's quite frightening...

The one in Rio is 98 ft high, but it's the whole guy not just his bust.

Update 2:

Um...Catswoman, can you say idolotry?

I am not putting down Christianity, and I am not teaching others about my religion unless asked to do so. I believe that religion can be a wonderful thing, any religion. We all have our path to Diety, you have yours, I have mine. I am fine with you believing that Jesus was the Christ...why can't you be fine with me believeing that God is everywhere? How does that hurt you?

UH! this has nothing to do with my question...totally off subject! Now back to the 60 ft idol=)

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    Wow, that is really big.

    I still prefer the "Cross in the Woods" sculpture in northern Michigan, though. The entire garden is much nicer; more contemplative, and a nice place to meditate. There are different sculptures there to consider also, and a meditative walk with St. Francis' "Canticle to the Sun" at different stations in the woods (a nice piece of poetry, btw).

    I'm not much for styrofoam and plaster, though. The medium is too easy to work. Stone and metal take committment!

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    Okay, the statue is a little over the top, but no more than the giant thermometer on the 15 freeway heading through Barstow on your way to Vegas.

    It is a free country and if people want to worship Jesus, they can go right ahead. If you don't like it then move to a country where there are no freedoms and then let's see how much you complain.

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    I don't have a problem with it. Have you seen the statue of Jesus in Rio?


    By the way, for someone who says that it's pagan to have a statue, what do you think about the Statue of Liberty? It is a gigantic statue of a PAGAN goddess. The "goddess of Liberty", hence the name, "The Statue of Liberty". Also, how about all of the huge statues that people take for granted in Washington D.C.? And Mount Rushmore, etc.?

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    There's one like that of the virgin mary in Butte, Montana. I once had a drunk conversation with a bunch of physics majors about how we would stop her if she got brought to life by a nuclear explosion and started flattening Montana. We decided to wait until she was done with Butte before trying to stop her.

    I suppose we could nuke touchdown Jesus and send him in to help. That could be fun to watch.

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    1 decade ago

    No I haven't seen it but discussion about Jesus is good if you ask me.

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    1 decade ago

    I say we need them EVERYWHERE!

    And you need to get a personal relationship with Christ. Your soul is way more important than a statue!!!!

    You will be held accountable for trying to get people believing the way you do--when you teach false teachings, you are bound for eternal hell, brimstone and Fire! Please

    talk to Christ before it's to late!

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    what does the bible say about idolatry again?--seriously, why does an omnipotent god need a multi billion dollar ad campaing?--this is nauseating

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    But the high-five pic is cute.

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    Wow. I had never seen it before.

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    I've never seen it before, to answer your question. Good Luck ! :)

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