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Who plays hockey?

Is it ice, roller blade, or street? Where do you play? What position do you play? Do you like to play?

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    I play ice hockey, One night a week, Left D!!! I've played hockey for about 10 years!! I LOVE IT, now there aren't any teams in my area I can play on because im to old(21) so I skate with the guys on sundays. I play in pick up tournaments every once and a while, but Hockey is a big part of my life!

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    I play ice hockey and street hockey. I play ice hockey in the MOHA (Minor Oakville Hockey League) Oakville is in the Greater Toronto Area. I play street 3 times a week normally with my friends. Again, in Oakville. I play right wing but I will switch to the left side and I LOVE hockey. It's the best sport by far and the only one I really care about. The speed, the grace, the excitement, the uniqueness, the skill, the balance. It's a fantastic sport. If you don't play it. Take it up. You won't regret and there is alot of nice people involved in the game of hockey.

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    I play ice hockey in North Reading, Mass. I usually play center but sometimes I play defense. It is my favorite sport to play and watch and in my opinion has the most energy.

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    Ice Hockey - 3 times a week

    2 nights goalie. 1 night right-d.

    Best sport in the world. Period.


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    i play ice hockey on a boys team at a local ice rink. i play left winger but i can also play left defense. I LOVE TO PLAY! HOCKEY IS BEST SPORT EVER!! GO DEVILS!!

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    I play roller blade hockey.

    We play every thursday ans saturday.

    I am a centerman, but sometimes i play defense. I love playing.

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    {{{{{Is it ice, roller blade, or street?}}}}}

    None of the above

    {{{{{Where do you play?}}}}}

    I don't play.

    {{{{{What position do you play?}}}}}}

    Well..... if I played it wouldn't be goalie because those are the guys that can't skate and are too afraid to get checked.... and they kinda like their water-bottle and their laziness.... And nothing is their fault... - it's usally the defence.... but anyway...... Goalies are pus-sies so I would play RW

    {{{{Do you like to play?}}}}}

    No - I hate playing hockey.


    John D

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    Who plays hockey??? The EDMONTON OILERS. I was kind of looking forward to a rematch of last year except the Canes won't be there.

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    Umm, I am afraid not, my niece would laugh at me if I fell down!!!!

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