Why would someone eat the feces of Bulgarian peasants?

A documentary about Adolf Hitler said that he took pills make of the feces of Bulgarian pesants for bowel problems. How does this help? Why bulgaria? Why peasants?


It was prescribed by a doctor.

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    Bulgarians eat a steady diet of Bulgar wheat, which is loaded with fiber. For economic reasons, the peasants diets, lacking in meat and proteins, are especially high in fiber. The Fuhrer suffered from persistent gastritis which is curable through a fiber supplement like a pill made from Bulgarian peasant crap. Does that help?

    Source(s): I have been a physician for 22 years.
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    Bulgarian peasants were well known for their healthy long life. Eli Metchnikoff, a Russian physiologist and Nobel laurite studied the fermented milk products taken on regular basis by these people and concluded that fermenting bacteria in the products positively influenced the the microflora of the colon decreasing toxic microbial activities thereby resulting prolonged life. Metchnikoff by this study pioneered today s vast probiotic science,,,probiotics are very well proved to have influence on gut health. Feces are bound to have the gut microflora..which in fact was used as sample to culture the microflora..

    This might be the reason!!

    Anjali S

    Anjali Shete

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    Because Mr Kupov, a homeopathic activist told him it was good for him....

    Among the more avid of Mr. Kupov’s disciples was Theodor Morell, Hitler’s personal physician, who gave the Fuhrer many of the natural homeopathic cures that Mr. Kupov championed. One of the more unusual of these cures became the focus of an intensive Allied intelligence effort that eventually forced Mr. Kupov, who enjoyed his celebrity status in wartime Germany, to pick and choose which side he was really on.

    Mr. Kupov’s writings do not indicate when he discovered that the encapsulated feces of healthy Bulgarian peasants had some medicinal value, but Mr. Kupov advocated such capsules with such vigor that Dr. Morell began prescribing them for Hitler. The German leader suffered from chronic gastrointestinal complaints and Mr. Kupov believed that encapsulated Bulgarian ordure helped alleviate such problems. And for his greatest believer, Mr. Kupov made sure that Dr. Morell had access to the freshest and healthiest ordure available: his own.

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    There's no real rhyme or reason as to why dogs eat feces. You can try meat tenderizer on your pet's food--this is supposed to make the feces "undesirable" but it doesn't always work. The best way to stop your pet from eating feces is pick up the feces right way.

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    MAYBE in those days Bulgarian dont have any thing to eat,accept wild plants (Herbs) accidentally became traditional medicinal values,purely consist of plants - byproducts or the peoples were too pious,honest,sincere or unforgettable events and unforgiven enemies

    Source(s): Fingure Liking Good-to cure his epileptic sizures
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    For the same reason that we take medicinal aspirin every day that contains shavings from sheep skulls: ingredients make things.

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    Sounds like homeopathic medicine. Keep in mind that Hitler's doctor also prescribed amphetamines to him, too.

    Also keep in mind Hitler had one testicle, and he would make his cousin crush it underneath her high heels while she peed all over him. Sure sounds like a master race to me.

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    Huh?? He was crazy, so who knows. He probably gave himself parasites or worse.

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