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Tips on brushing cats teeth?

I know cats need proper dental care, so I went out and got a kitty tooth brush and kitty tooth paste. My big siamese bit me, my ediam siaese clawed me and my Bengal hid behind the couch for 2 days afterward. Any tips on how to do this and stay in one piece?


Sorry for misspellings, sometimes my comuter key pad sticks. It should read, mediam Siamese.

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    Hi's a video on how to brush a cat's teeth by Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine. It shows individual steps on how to get cats acclimated to having their teeth brushed so that everyone will be able to handle the experience.

    Have a little patience and they'll look forward to having their teeth brushed.

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    How to brush your cat's teeth

    Step 1 - Select an appropriate time

    Find a quiet, convenient time when you and your cat are both relaxed.

    Step 2 - Acquaint your cat with the process.

    For the first few sessions don't even use a toothbrush. Hold your cat the same as when you are cuddling her. Gently stroke the outside of her cheeks with your finger. After she becomes comfortable with that, place a dab of toothpaste on your finger and let her taste it. We usually suggest starting with C.E.T. poultry flavored toothpaste, because pets like the taste.

    Step 3 - Introduce the Toothbrush

    Place a small amount of toothpaste on the brush. In a slow circular motion, brush one or two teeth and the adjoining gum line. The purpose of this step is to get your cat accustomed to the feel of the brush.

    Step 4 - Begin Brushing

    Over the next several days, gradually increase the number of teeth brushed. It is important to eventually brush the rear teeth where plaque and tartar have a greater tendency to accumulate. Go slowly and gently.. Stop brushing when you decide to stop, before your cat begins to fuss. If she learns to dislike the procedure and finds out that more fussing makes you stop quicker, then this brushing business is going to get harder, not easier.

    Build up to about 30 seconds per side. Cats don't get much tartar on the inside surfaces of their teeth, so you only need to worry about the outside surfaces, especially the big teeth way in back.

    Make tooth brushing a pleasurable experience

    Proceed slowly and gently. Stop each session while it is still fun and praise your cat afterwards. She will soon start looking forward to tooth brushing and it will become a pleasant activity for both of you.

    Good Luck.

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    Sometimes brushing with a tooth brush does not work.

    Here are a few tips.

    Use poultry or fish flavored toothpaste.

    Get a 'finger tip' brush- it literally sits on your finger tip.

    Use that to pet your cats face and mouth several times before trying to pull back lips.

    Let them taste the tooth paste.

    Assuming they like it (the flavor) pull back lip and use the finger tip brush to rub their teeth.

    Use treats- dental ones for rewards.

    Add dental care diet tot heir food- or use it as a treat.

    Not all cats will let you brush their teeth.....

    Source(s): 20 yrs vet med... and plenty of wrestling matches with cat tooth brushing
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    My tip to you is give it up. I've never brushed my cat's teeth and they all lived long lives and were able to eat hard food until the end. As long as you give them hard food in addition or instead of soft food, it will help control the plague.

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    You have to start with kittens. It's too hard to do adults.

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