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Pit Bull owners. Please respond. If you have hate towards this breed your comments are not needed.?

Pit Bull owners how do you deal with ignorant people who automatically hate your dog simply because of the way he/she looks? My dog is the biggest sweet heart and never hurt anyone. How can people be so blind and hateful? I know you have to develope a think skin to own this breed because there are a lot of misconceptions but is just so hard sometimes. I have always hated being discriminated against... but it is even harder when people are so irrational about it. How can we change this and how do you deal with all the hate?


Thank you to those of you with kind words. I just needed a little encouragement. I have stats on the breed and know quite a bit about them. I try and pass this education as much as possible but with some people they are so stuck in there ways they do not even hear you. That is the frustrating part. There have been a few responses on here that were insulting to say the least. I do not appreciate your opinions... especially sense I did not aske for them... in fact I asked you not to give them. I try to make my dog an ambassador but I just find it hard with the stereotypes. It just gets tiring. I just want to see some change. Again thank you all for your kind words.

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    One of the problems is the media. Whenever a dog bites or attacks, even if it is not a pit bull, the word "pit bull" usually winds up in the story...

    Also, a lot of the dog bites that have happened have been blamed incorrectly on "pit bulls" as a lot of people do not know the difference between dog breeds.

    My dogs, I have two APBT's, are well trained, snuggle bugs. We, as pit bull owners, need to work hard to change the image of our loved pets' breed. One thing that is important...never take your dogs to an off leash park. Even if another dog starts a fight with yours, your dog will surely be blamed due to his breed.

    I have 2 children, ages 2 and 4 years, that get along wonderfully with my dogs. I share pictures of them together with people who are ignorant about the affection and loyalty these dogs give.

    I also refer people to http://www.therealpitbull.com where a lot of common myths and misconceptions are put to rest.

    Sadly, because of improper breeding and misuse/abuse of these beautiful dogs, those of us who are responsible, loving well intentioned owners are the ones who suffer with their dogs.

    My dog training business is dedicated to my first pitbull, Liberty, who was used solely for breeding and then dumped and abandoned at a local park. Once I update my site, I will have her story, as well as pictures of my well behaved pits to share.

    If you would like to share your dog's story and some pics on my site, I would greatly appreciate it. The more we band together to promote a positive image, the better.


    If you want to support pit bull rescue and education, you can purchase products like calendars, dog t's, people t's, post cards and more at http://www.cafepress.com/luv4bullybreeds

    Proceeds will be donated to www.pitbullrescue.net to help their terrific program! They have spay/neuter fund to help people who can't afford to get thier bully's fixed, and help with educating and placing bullys in loving homes.

    Feel free to share the websites I listed here with your friends and family!


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    I also don't own a pit, but you're absolutely right. The pits we read about in the papers as attacking kids or mauling people generally lack proper training (training that ALL dogs should have, by the way...I'm not singling out the pits!), and that's not the dog's fault--it's the owner's responsibility.

    I also know folks with pits, and they can be the sweetest dogs...people just get scared by the breed because the only information they generally get is the negative stuff they hear in the press.

    The downside for the poor pit is the fact that a characteristic of the breed is its strong jaws and the ability to do some serious damage if provoked. Ironically, this is a characteristic the animal was specifically bred for. Once again, this is not the dog's fault. It's just such a powerful breed that if it's NOT trained, and if it's NOT well-socialized, it's an issue. If a yorkie isn't well-trained, it can't do as much damage as a larger breed.

    I absolutely feel badly for all pits because of their reputation. And the owners! I think they really need to have a thick skin about it, and probably the best thing you can do is to get out there and show people YOUR awesome, sweet, well-behaved dog so that they can get past the stereotype of the 'vicious pit bull.'

    Good luck!

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    The inherient problem is that any dog can be vicious, and any dog can be sweet. Small dogs are the most notorious for being bad for children and aggressive, they are just too small to do any real damage. I pitt, in the right hands, can and will be the sweetest dog in the world. I have a boxer mix (similar family as pitts), and he has a lot of the same features. A lot of people when they look at him think he is mean, but he does nothing but wag his tail and lick.

    The reason that pitt bulls are so feared is because they are the most likely, if there is going to be one, for a dog attack. This is not to say it is the pitt bull's fault. This is far from true, the fault lies in the owners. But the owners who raise the pitt bull to either be aggressive or able to be triggered are the same ones who choose a dog for the traits a pitt has. This dog has a massive bite capacity. I remember reading it is proportional to an alligator bit (size of jaw to size of jaw). They are an extremely muscular and athletic breed. They are also small enough to keep in more confined areas (a rotweiler is very big...). The owner selects a pitt bull for his characteristics, and then sets the dog up for disaster.

    This will not change until there is better screening on the breeding and selling of pitt bulls. This is extremely hard to do, and thus why it has not happened. The image also needs to be spread of how sweet they can be, and not just how vicious. Until it is not cool to have a hard a** dog which people raise them that way, pitt bulls are going to have this image. And it is a shame, because they are wonderful, loyal, and sweet pets.

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    First of all when someone asks what kind of dogs we have an I tell them I always follow up by saying "It is all how you raise them". Second you need to gather good solid information about the breed (web sites, books, shows & sports) things to say to the other person like "Well if they are such a bad breed then why is the US boarder patrol using them as police durg dogs? or Really because there were pit bulls used in the search and rescue of one of the space shuttle explosion." Most people do know those kinds of things. Michael J Fox owns a pit bull, pit bulls were used in the World War 2, The dog from the Little Rascles was a pit bull. Then you should look up the bite stats. and let them know that pit bulls are not the most common dog biters. Here is a good short video for you to see too. As much good information as possible the better.


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    I have 2 Rottweilers who have been called Pit Bulls!! Go figure- theres a FINE example that people don't even know WHAT it is they are hating!!!

    All I can say, is that YOU keep being the kind of dog owner that ALL dog owners SHOULD be- so that YOUR dog can be THE BEST ambassador for the breed it can be.

    Introduce your dog to lots of people. Carry treats when you walk him- let children give your dog treats. ( For some reason- kids LOVE feeding any kind of animals) Heck, let the parents give him treats too! Chances are, the next time someone says Pit Bull, those people might just chime in that there is one who lives down the street, and it is the nicest dog....

    Good luck, hang in there- have FUN with your dog.

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    I think that it is because there are so many stories on the news and such of pit bulls attacking children. I honestly don't know anything about pit bulls, but that is most people. We only get the information that is being put out there. It will take people like you to share your story of a good dog and not all of the dogs are bad. Sounds like you have a big baby.

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    The fear of any dog as a breed is wrong,but not irrational.

    I have owned Doberman dogs for years and have had 2 Pitts in my life.Both were great dogs,the first one was a powerful male that grew up and protected our then 10 year old daughter and went with her everywhere..This Pitt was the kindest dog in the world to us and our daughter.We lived out in the country on an Arabian Horse Farm and he loved the horses.But he would kill any thing that came on our land.He could be controlled with people but not against another animal.My friend came for a visit and I heard all this honking out in my driveway.I came out and the Pitt has the tire of her little sports car in his mouth and it was flat ,and still on the car..I couldn't stop laughing .But he did cost us a lot of friends.The other was a young female that was fine before she was spaded,and afterwords began attacking the older Dobies.The bigger ones could take care of her but then one day.She attacked one old lady Dobie,who had been her surrogate mother when she was a young puppy, and when I could get them apart the old lady had to have 345 stitches and 4 weeks in the vet hospital.I had to find a new home for the Pitt the Doberman had seniority.

    Both dogs were loved and cared for.They were members of our family but just like family members they cant all be classified as all good or all bad.Good luck.

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    Well, you have chosen a breed that, unfortunately has a bad rep.

    Yes, people can be ignorant but you must admit, the press has a field day when a pit attacks and kills a child. Other breeds just get the standard, "Dog attacks child" statement. Then, you have the people who breed your dog for fighting. They dont help your cause very much. And lets not forget about the drug dealers who consider having a violent dog a status symbol. Your dog get a bad rep from owners who dont care. I rescue Dalmatians myself and you cant imagine the misconceptions about that breed. Like, their good for children, no their not, they were breed to kill and they can do it.

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  • Unfortunately people hear "pit bull" and immediately think "vicious." Bad people make bad dogs out of pit bulls, german shepards, rottweilers and several other more aggressive breeds. Ignorant people think that because one dog of one breed attacks that all of the breed is that way. The media doesn't help, when there is a dog attack you ALWAYS here the breed, usually one of the breeds above, but you RARELY here the motivation behind the attack. Did the dogs owner tell the dog to attack? How was that particular dog raised? Ignorance is a hard thing to try to eliminate.

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    I don't have a Pitt, but I have a Rottweiler and I get the same response. I take Tiny ( don't laugh ) with me everywhere I go and in Florida we can take him to certain restaurants. He wears a hat, like kids wore back in the 40's when they did paper deliveries, and to our local flea market and show people he is a very good dog he loves kids and we have no worries when a 3-4 yr old comes over to pet the big dog. If you show the world you have a good dog, then you are spreading the word not all Pitts are killer dogs, which they aren't. But its funny..those with Yorkies or Poodles ( little dogs ) think it CUTE when they show aggression but heaven help the owner of a big dog even when it shows no aggression we are the ones with "problem dogs" Good Luck and Keep Smiling and taking you beloved dog with you wherever you go.

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    My friend has an English Bulldog and gets the same kind of problems. He looks mean, so people just assume that he is, when in reality, he's the sweetest dog.

    When we were camping with our friends this year, their Bulldog barked at some kids who were constantly running back and forth over our sites. At one point, a campground worker was passing by and got all mean about it saying "now if that dog is going to be aggressive, we have a problem". My friend wasn't right there and I politely explained to the guy why the dog had become to apparently aggitated by these kids, but that it wasn't aggression, merely he wanted to chase and play with them. The guy came over to see Gus for himself and realized his bark was the only thing scarey about him when Gus sucked up all the attention offered.

    I'd say to take any opportunity you have to educate people and let them get to know your dog personally. I so understand how you feel about this and I think nothing bad of Pitbulls as a breed. People not educated on the breed have only heard of their fighting uses and is why they feel the way they do. Don't hate them because they're ignorant, take advantage of opportunities to educate them instead.

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