Did the Jews really kill Christian babies and worship the devil or is that just something that Martin Luther?

(the father of protestantism) made up?


For those of you asking for a source, this was in a movie at the Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC, that Luther was initially trying to work with the Jews and reach out to them to convert them. When he wasn't successful in converting them, he became anti-semitic and spread propaganda saying that they were evil in order to rally his "Lutherans" against them.

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    we really do it. its a passover tradition we have. if you're lucky you can catch a j00 at the right time and acquire the christian child before it has been sacrificed for its blood.

  • There's an Lutheran minister in the U.S. who's made it his life's work to travel around and basically make amends for what Luther wrote in his cranky old age and the suffering caused by others who took those writings to extremes.

    He spoke at our synagogue one evening. What was striking was how pained he was that 'our beloved Martin' had written these horrible things. He said that Luther was quite ill late in life, in a lot of pain, and generally an obnoxious curmudgeon. (Or words to that effect. ;-) He carried the word of the Lutheran Synod retracting those writings so that they could not be used again to perpetuate hate and harm.

    Jews have never killed Christian babies and certainly don't worship the devil. These are just two of the many lies that have been told about us.

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    as a results of fact Hitler carried out his targets. finally we can't villianize each and every physique who has ever had ill intentions, yet people who carry them out earnings a undeniable notariety. Martin Luther succeeded in springing up a rift between catholic and protestant (created protestantism somewhat) however the exterminations that got here from that have been ordinarily of catholics and protestants killing one yet another, and to no longer the song of six million. All Martin Luther somewhat carried out in this line develop into some call calling, and we do no longer likely villify human beings for that.

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    There's no evidence of Jews ever "killing christian babies and worshipping the devil". However, Martin Luther did indeed write some really nasty antisemitic stuff, most notably his tract "On the jews and their lies". His antisemitism is accused of laying the groundwork for the holocaust... probably somewhat unfairly, since Luther's writings on jews had been forgotten until the nazis dug them up.

    See the linked source for details.

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    Martin Luther went senile in his later years. I don't think that you can believe the rants of an old man who is suffering from dementia.

    He wasn't suffering from dementia when he wrote his 95 theses protesting the selling of indulgences as a selling out of Christianity(which set off the Protestant revolution), however. It wouldn't be fair to lump his earlier writings with his later ones, if that is what you are implying.

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    I think u need to get your facts straight. I can't imagine a former Priest saying garbage like that. By the way he made Luthornism not protestantism. B/c the Catholic church was seeling papers that said u won't go to hell unless u buy one of these tickets to heaven. Also he posted a large list of all the mistakes the church had been making. He had to go into hiding b/c the church wanted to kill him. That started Luthornism.

    Short answer. I don't think he said those things for my history teacher would have mentioned it or the book would have.

    Source(s): Learned all this from World History in High School it's a fact.
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    Luther ripped a smelly one with faith apart from having a good heart. Protestantism is still in recovery.

    Protestantism also has to recover from the Nicean Creed which they borrowed without even thinking with their brain that it is polytheism.

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    No, if people worship the devil then they can't be a Jew. Jews worship God and they didn't kill Christian babies. That is a lie that he made up.

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    It's call blood liable. Of course the Jewish people did no such thing! There's a great book called Jewish Literacy and I recommend anyone curious about the Jews to read it.


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    I think that Jews killing Christian babies refers to the killing of young male children after the birth of Jesus. (who had been taken to Egypt by then). It was not the Jews who initiated this as it was Jewish children being killed. The Romans also killed Christians.

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    Could you give a reference showing that Martin Luther ever said such a thing?

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