Tires and Rims questions?

I want to buy some rims for my Saab, its just a 2000 9-5 Sedan, but I don't understand what I could buy to fit my car.

I looked at my tires, it says 215/55R16 93H M+S

6.5 * 16 Wheels...what does the "R16" stand for?! Does it stand for the rim size?! What is the 215/55? What is the 93H?! And what does M+S stand for?!

So what size and kind of rims should I be looking for, if I don't want to re-buy new tires...

I would appreciate any explanations and help...



The tires I have on my car are Bridgestone Potenza G009...if that helps

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    Ah, tire sizes... :-) It's cryptic, but most of it is simple once you know what it means. So your car asks for:

    215/55R16 93H M+S

    In order, this means:

    215: this is the width of your tires, from sidewall to sidewall, in millimeters. 215mm is about 8 inches.

    55: this means the distance from the rim to the ground is 55% of the width. It's called the "aspect ratio." (So a 215/60 would be 60%, a 215/50 would be 50%, etc.)

    R: this means that it's a radial tire. (This has to do with the way the tire is constructed internally.)

    16: this is the rim size.

    93H: this is the weight/speed rating. There's a whole slew of these ratings, basically meaning the tire has been designed to operate safely at a specific speed for a car of a specific weight; the number is the weight rating, the letter is the speed rating. H means the tire is safe up to 130 miles per hour (which matters in Europe).

    M+S: this means the tire is rated for "mud and snow." These are also sometimes called all-season tires, meant as a compromise between full snow tires (which are noisy and don't always handle well on dry pavement) and summer/highway tires (which are quiet and usually handle better on dry pavement or rain).

    If you're looking to keep these tires, you should be looking at rims between the sizes of 16 x 6 and 16 x 8. A 16 x 6.5 or 16 x 7 would be ideal for a 215/55 tire -- that's the size that came on my car's original wheels, and they were 16 x 6.5".

    For a good time, go to the Web site in the Sources field and shop for rims; they let you choose a picture of your car (in a selection of colors) and they will display the wheels you select on the picture of your car. Makes a GREAT way of seeing what your car will look like with the new wheels.

    Source(s): More than you wanted to know about tires, but also a great place to shop for rims:
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    Ok, there is a perfect site for you to check out. It is called They will allow you to enter your car and then they will put a picture of your car on the screen and they will allow you to see what rims will fit your car and what the rims look like. To answer your other questions. The 215 is the width of your tire in millimeters. The 55 is the width of your sidewall of the tires. The sidewall is the part that has all the info on it, this is also measured in millimeters. R16 is the rim size in inches. So 16 would be a 16 inch rim. 93 H is the speed rating. M + S I am not sure what that is. It could mean multidirection or multiseasonal. Anyway, if you don't want to buy new tires and you just want to buy rims you are going to need to buy 16 inch rims. One you get the rims you will have to take it to a tire place so they can take the tires off the old rims and remount and balance the tires. This is not something you can do yourself without the proper equipment. It will probably cost you about $50 to do it. I hope this helps. Take care.

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    With a series of numbers like 215/55R16, the first number is a relative measure of the tire's "footprint". A 2.25 tire is wider than a 2.15 tire. The second number (55) is the cross-section of the tire body. The "R" means it is a radial tire. The last number (16) means you have a 16" wheel. If you want to change wheels, you also have to consider the "bolt-pattern" --- whether it has 4 or 5 bolt holes--- and the exact spacing of those holes. If you have an Auto Zone store in your area, they have charts to help you. One web site which has charts to tell you which wheels will fit your car is

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    Saab 9-5 Tire Size

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    225/60r sixteen has no longer something to do with tire offset.. nor does it relate to the completed diameter of the tires as quickly as put in. 225= width in milimeters from the exterior of the tire in the time of to the interior the tire. 60 is the ratio of the shoulder top to width, no longer a hard and fast length. R velocity score sixteen rim bead length. you could desire to comprehend that the offset of the hot rim is actual, and that the completed diameter of the hot tires is actual attempting to permit suspension flex and turning. On a automobile that replaced into previously monted with 225 18's your new tires could desire to extra healthful basically wonderful. odds are your speedo wasn't calibrated for 18's besides.

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    yeah, what they said!!!!

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